The Magic of Black Women’s Natural Hair

The Magic of Black Women’s natural hair captured by Haitian Instagram artist Pierre Jean Louis. ?? The artist uses nature and the cosmos to celebrate black women’s natural tresses.

“A lot of black females don’t feel comfortable wearing their natural hair, but the ones that do—as an artist, I have to tell them how much I appreciate them for being comfortable and proud for rocking their natural hair.”

Inspired by trending hashtag #BlackGirlMagic and his older sister’s natural hair journey, Haitian visual artist Pierre Jean Louis made a departure from his usual acrylic work, last fall, to show his appreciation for the beauty and versatility of black women’s gravity-defying kinks and coils. And the result is absolutely mesmerizing, and has attracted quite a following for Jean Louis, 23.

All images courtesy of Pierre Artista

About The Artist

​​​​Pierre Jean-Louis is a self-taught artist Based in New Jersey & New York. born on May 1, 1993. He grew up in a conservative, religious household with a big influence in art from his father, The Legendary Haitian painter Bonaventure Jean-Louis. He grew up watching his dad paint everyday. After shedding his roots, he quickly realized that making art would be his calling. He constantly sketched throughout his youth. Pierre is well-known across the Globe for his beautiful art incorporating mother nature with beautiful flowers & the beauty of all women. His inspiration comes from the beauty of the world and God’s marvelous creations. Pierre has been diligently working on creating his own brand of beautiful paintings using different types of media. He adds elements and influential objects of his past and present to each piece. Beyond the aesthetics of his artwork, Pierre brings an overwhelming sense of passion to his artwork. His art illustrates stories of strength and hope through emotion and sentiment with his sensual beauties, signature flowers, and Cosmic Flowery Afro Style. Pierre may be young, but he plans on opening art galleries around the world with hopes to inspire individuals to follow their dreams.

By Nelly Gachanja

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