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A digital marketer and writer, Nelly manages all of Africa.com's Social Media platforms. During her leisure time Nelly loves cooking, check out her blog at TalkingToNelly.com. She also likes spending time on the internet, catching up with current affairs, updating her African music collection, watching movies, travelling, spending time with family and volunteering.

What To Expect As 84 million Nigerians Go To The Polls

Nigerians go to the polls on February 16 in the first of two sets of elections to choose the president, national assembly and state...

Nigeria Has a History of Dodgy Elections: Will It Be Different This Time?

Nigeria is preparing for its general election. But will it be credible? Nigerian voters are well aware that the elections will not be won...

Obasanjo: I Will Cast My Vote, I Have Not Fled Nigeria

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has dismissed rumours that he has fled the country in order not to participate in casting his vote during Tomorrow’s...

Italy Accuses France of Creating Poverty in Africa

A diplomatic spat between Italy and France over migration to Europe is a likely forerunner of coming political battles in the run-up to European...

Top 10 African Dance Styles of 2018

Africa is known for its rich diversity in music and dance. 2018 was no different as the continent witnessed some of the best dance...
music in africa

Top 10 African Music Videos

2018 was a great year for African artists with major hits being released across the continent. From East to West, North to South, the...
spread of hiv/aids in Africa

Factors Contributing To The Spread Of HIV /AIDS In Africa

According to the World Health Organization, developing countries still have the highest number of HIV/AIDS infections. Despite increased awareness and numerous sensitization campaigns, HIV...
kidney cancer

11 Kidney Cancer Causes or Risk Factors

Kidney cancer is a disease whose prevalence is increasing by the day. The disease starts in the kidneys and happens when the healthy cells...
hiv aids

What to Do To Live a Healthy Lifestyle If You Have HIV Aids

In the past, being diagnosed with HIV was seen as a death sentence but this is no longer the case. As a matter of...
early pregnancy

How Early Pregnancy Has Affected Girl Child Education in Africa

Africa has in the recent times experienced a development boom with a number of countries trying to work towards achieving middle income status in...

Understanding Types of Bipolar – Bipolar I Disorder and Bipolar II Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? Dipolar disorder is a mental condition that causes extreme mood swings which include hypomania or mania (emotional highs) and depression (low)....
Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis Natural Ways to Relieve Symptoms

Despite the fact that seeking medical attention for psoriatic arthritis is very important as the disease can cause permanent joint damage, there are amazing...