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Nelly is a Digital Marketing Professional and the founder of popular Kenyan food blog. She joined Africa.com in 2017 and is responsible for managing the organization’s Social Media platforms. Her experience and background in Digital Marketing spans over 5 years and includes expertise in Social Media and Content Management.During her leisure time, Nelly loves cooking, spending time on the internet catching up with current affairs, updating her African music collection, watching movies, traveling and spending time with family. She is also passionate about volunteering.
Belgium apology africa

Belgium Apologizes To Congo,Burundi and Rwanda For Colonization and Kidnapping of Mixed-Raced Children

It’s no secret that colonization has introduced unspeakable horrors to communities of color throughout the world. And while an apology could never remedy those...

10 Best Nigerian Fashion Designers

In a bid to support local fashion designers, back in 2017, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an Award-winning author, launched a “Wear Nigerian Campaign,” where she...
Akon crypto city

Akon Is Building a Crypto City in Senegal That Will Cater To The African...

Grammy-nominated artist Akon is planning to build a futuristic city in Senegal and base its entire economy around a new cryptocurrency named after himself. The...
Mama Winnie Mandela

1 Year On, Late Struggle Icon Mama Winnie Mandela To Be Remembered At Ceremony

JOHANNESBURG - Family, and friends of the late struggle stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela will mark the anniversary of her passing on Tuesday with a wreath-laying...
Peter Tabichi

Kenyan teacher Wins the $1 Million Global Teacher Prize in Dubai

A Kenyan science teacher has been crowned the best in the world after winning the 2019 Global Teacher Prize.Mr Peter Tabichi, a teacher at...
cyclone adai

Tanzania Sends Relief Food to Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique After Cyclone Idai Havoc

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania said on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 it was sending urgent relief supplies to aid victims of a deadly cyclone that...

The Challenge: Clean and Safe Water

Clean, safe water is an essential basic need that must be available in order for human beings to survive the next day. Africa has a serious water crisis, despite the continent boasting of having numerous natural water sources such as [...]
clean and safe water

How Clean Water Changes Everything

There is a popular saying, “Water is Life,” which underscores the value of water as a key resource that every human...

Where to Go Big, Really Big, With A Mansion In Africa

Why would you want to buy a mansion in Africa? They say investing in a house is the most important step you can take...
Africa's female politicians

8 Most Interesting Africa’s Female Politicians

Africa has continued to achieve great successes in many areas, including economic and social accomplishments; however, for a long time, women in Africa had...

10 Bankable “Side Hustle” Ideas to Pad Your Wallet

Everyone is feeling the current economic pinch, and for this reason, we are all looking for extra money on the side to cushion ourselves...
historical houses in Kenya

5 Famous Historical Houses in Kenya

Beyond Kenya’s beautiful topography and charming people is rich history that begs to be explored. Kenya is blessed with numerous historical houses that are...

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