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  5. Content should be in a ready-to-publish format. While we review each post and may adjust formatting as needed, posts requiring heavy editing will be rejected.
  6. Advertorial content will be rejected.
  7. Links must naturally fit into the context of the article and provide value to the reader.
  8. Links are do-follow unless otherwise notified.
  9. Submissions containing what we view as an unreasonable number of links will be edited or rejected.
  10. Submissions containing what we view as irrelevant links will be edited or rejected.
  11. Submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected.
  12. Share your work: driving traffic to your published article is a crucial role that you can play in making your own articles more prominent on the web. We encourage you to share your articles through your own social media profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. and email links to your network of contacts.

Acceptable content topics for are listed below.

All content should be directly related to Africa for the purpose of informing a global audience.

News & current events
Business deveopment
Gender equity
Technology & Innovation
Environmental issues
Social justice
Lifestyle & travel

Any of the 54 African Countries
People of African countries
History of African countries
Food of African countries
Music of African countries
Languages of African countries
Politics of African countries

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