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Harnessing Insurance To De-risk Agri-food Investment And Grow Sustainable Food Systems

Food production is not for the faint-hearted.  Multiple risks to farming – especially for small and medium farmers – can include climate change, social instability and supply-chain disruption.  One small but powerful intervention can make all the difference.   Food security is a human right.  But the combination of disruptions caused by a two-year pandemic, climate change, economic and social instability, coupled with the global supply chain interruption due to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, has had one major significant impact – a sharp increase in food shortages and rising food prices around the world.   The food crisis was discussed in

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A Voice For African Wildlife: A Conversation With Kaddu Sebunya

By Guy Dinmore The CEO of the Nairobi-based African Wildlife Foundation, Kaddu Sebunya – in London to mark AWF’s 60th anniversary while fundraising and lobbying – shares his thoughts with IPS on the climate and food crises, how Africans have their voice, why western countries need a ‘reset’ with Africa, what Prince Charles should say to the Commonwealth, how China is eating western ‘cake’, and what worries him more than anything else. (IPS) How are the crises of climate and food security impacting AWF across Africa? “It has a huge impact because everything is interconnected.  In Kenya, we lost about 78 elephants to drought

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Education for Employment

Moses Anibaba, Regional Director, British Council, Sub-Saharan Africa JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 6 July 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/-Africa has the youngest population in the world, representing an enormous opportunity for the continent’s growth and the opportunity

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