Showcasing Africa in support of a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Launched in 2010, is a women-led digital media company with an extensive array of platforms that reach a global audience interested in African content and community. is committed to changing the narrative of Africa through the power of unparalleled storytelling. 

In line with its mission, seeks to inspire women & girls by recognizing Africa’s most accomplished and dynamic female leaders. intends to encourage African women & girls to pursue the highest levels of the private sector and to be part of the decision-making process in the public sector.’s webinars, summits, and training workshops provide free access to world-class speakers, business leaders, academics, and government figures.

Meet the people behind the logo::

Teresa Clarke

Teresa founded the company in 2010 with a passion for changing the narrative of Africa. She works closely with the management team to propose strategic directions, guide decisions, and analyze the company's financial strengths and weaknesses.
Nelly Gachanja

Nelly Gachanja

Nelly has been with since 2017. She is responsible for managing all of the social media platforms and content production across the firm.
Susan Gitau

Susan Gitau

Susan is a Project Manager with emphais on content and media partnerships. Since joining in 2015, Susan has worked closely with the developement of the website and syndication across the firm.
Justina Hierta

Justina Hierta

Justina was part of the founding team of As Chief Financial Officer she oversees all financial processes across the firm and is responsible for tracking cash flow and financial planning.

Sokhu Sibiya

Sokhu is Senior News Editor for the firm since joining in 2015. Sokhu is responsible for producing the Top10 newsletters that are distributed six days each week. Sokhu is also the "voice" of many of the firm's productions.
Sean Whitehead

Sean Whitehead

Sean came on board in 2020 with the acquisition of iAfrica. As a Project Manager he is responsible for content production at iAfrica. Sean also works with research and syndication across the firm.

Debra Winter

Debra has been with since 2012. As Chief Operating Officer she oversees technology, design, and multimedia content production across the firm. Debra is responsible for producing webinars, workshops and virtual events.

We are committed to Africa

Unlike many global publications, for nearly a decade we have been committed to showing a complete picture of Africa – not just a single story.  Offended by one-sided coverage of wars, disasters and disease, the founders of created a website that provides a balanced view of Africa – current events, business, arts & culture, travel, fashion, sports, information, development, and more.

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