Value Exchange Media Partnership

Thanks to our media partners, we are able to highlight the best of Africa to a global audience.

Partnership Overview

  • Objective: To mutually benefit from shared resources, and increased exposure.
  • Duration: Typically a 1-3 month agreement’s Offerings

  • Content Publication:
    • Feature partner press release, article, and/or op-ed at website.
  • Email Newsletters:
    • Feature partner jpg banner in’s Top10 newsletters. Dimensions = 600×400 pixels.
  • Social Media Promotion:
    • Highlight the partnership on’s Facebook page.
    • Share partner content through’s social media channels.
  • Event Calendar
    • Add partner banner and event description to’s Events Calendar 
    • at website.
  • Media Partnerships
    • Add partner jpg banner to Media Partners page where all media partners are published. Dimensions = 300×250 pixels.

Partner’s Offerings

  • Content Contribution:
    • Provide with content, including article, op-ed, and/or press release.
  • Event Collaboration:
    • Include logo & link whenever media partners are recognized on partner promotional materials for the event.
  • Newsletter Features:
    • Include logo & link whenever media partners are recognized in partner newsletters.
  • Social Media Promotion:
    • Share related posts through partner’s social media channels.

Ready to start a Media Partnership?

Email the following to

  • Press release / content with image(s)

  • 250 word event description 

  • 300×250 and 600×400 event banners

  • Event Website url

  • Social Media links and hashtags Rescources Logo:

Please note, we prefer the color on white version to be placed on white backgrounds and the color on black version to be placed on black backgrounds. Several formats are available at this link: Logos

Hyperlink the logo to our website: Profile is a leading digital media holding company that leverages a diverse array of platforms to engage a global audience with a keen interest in Africa. operates strategically in Johannesburg and New York, with an influential presence in Accra, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi. Our mission is to provide  insightful commentary on Africa’s most pressing issues and dynamic developments.

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Debra Winter

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Gitau

Digital Project Manager

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