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WATCH: The Potential To Drive Prosperity Growth In Africa

If we get infrastructure right, if we get energy right, and if we create a lot of jobs for Africa’s youthful population, I think we’ll have a new dynamism, a new growth process. Not just in GDP, because people don’t eat GDP. But one that’s actually impacting the lives of people and can lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.

Gas Megahub Project Creates Bigger Market for Gas New Energy Infrastructure

Equatorial Guinea’s government has announced its plans to construct a natural gas megahub project. This will consist of interlinked production, aggregation and processing facilities...

Smart Cities Looking to Thrive Will Invest in The Big Six

The term Smart City is not a new one and, while some examples already exist on the African continent, it is not as widespread...

Smart City, Smart Nation and Smart Africa

A greener, more intelligent infrastructure is the backbone of a smart Africa. Definition of a Smart City A smart city is measured by the efficiency with which...

The Top Investment Havens In Africa According To RMB

On the brink of greatness, the continent has soared in its economic endeavors especially in the area of investment. Africa has anticipated high productivity...

Infrastructure Integration in South Sudan

Stanbic Bank talks to AOP about the infrastructure projects and financing developments it anticipates in South Sudan.  How can cross-border projects, such as a product...

4 Investment Opportunities in Africa

What are the investment opportunities in Africa? Over the past decades, Africa has explored great depths for its rise in economic growth and investment...