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Commemorating 400-Year Anniversary Of Enslaved Africans Coming To The New World

Project OKURASE, a Charleston nonprofit and Ghanaian-based nongovernmental organization, have curated the “Door of Return,” a 10-day cultural experience in Ghana for individuals and groups who want to connect with Ghanaian heritage...
South Africa

Financial Emigration Demystified: South Africans Need The Full Picture

Financial emigration is often misunderstood, and with the jump in the number of South Africans applying to move themselves and their wealth offshore, it’s time to unpack the big questions before you...
Zambia’s Black Rhinos

CNN’s Inside Africa Investigates The Conservation Of Zambia’s Black Rhinos

This week on Inside Africa, CNN International visits North Luangwa National Park, the heart of Zambia’s black rhino conservation effort. There were once around 12,000 black rhinos in Zambia but the population...

A New Self-Identity For Africans | Panashe Chigumadzi

Panashe Chigumadzi makes the case that stereotypes can be frustratingly hard to shake off, sometimes even for the very people they victimise. Africans especially, suffer from a 300 year old negative colonial...
Neglected Tropical Diseases

Leaders From Sub-Saharan Africa Join Forces To Accelerate Elimination Of Neglected Tropical Diseases

On the sidelines of the African Union Summit, national and international leaders join the "No to NTDs" movement to reduce the burden of neglected tropical diseases in sub-Saharan Africa
Canned Lion Hunting

Time To Completely Ban Canned Lion Hunting In Africa

The lion population is dropping rapidly throughout Africa. A century ago, around 200,000 lions roamed the continent, and now there are a mere 25,000 left. At this rate by 2119, there may...
Seventeen-year-old Someleze Mjekula

Movie About Black Women Mathematicians Inspires Local Learner

Seventeen-year-old Someleze Mjekula is not your average teenager. Quiet and self assured, he achieved an incredible 100% in physical science in his matric finals last year, overcoming the twin challenges of township...
Rwanda- Karama Village

Kagame Launches Model Village For 240 Families

President Paul Kagame on Wednesday launched a model village in Karama Cell, Kigali Sector in Nyarugenge District which was built by Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Reserve Force. The village – Karama Integrated Model Village –...
Africa Monetary Fund

Why The African Monetary Fund Is A Good Idea And How To Get It...

African Union (AU) leaders will gather in Niger on 7 July for an Extraordinary Summit to discuss the African Continental Free Trade Area. They will be meeting at a critical moment for...
sierra-leon fishing

Was Sierra Leone’s One-month Fishing Ban Enough To Replenish Fish Stocks?

The Sierra Leone government closed the country’s waters to fishing during the entire month of April to give flagging fish stocks a chance to rebuild. During that period industrial fishing companies were not allowed...
Food Insecurity Africa

Fighting Food Insecurity In Africa – Lessons From The United States

The U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Mark Green recently concluded a one-week visit to USAID-funded programs at several African countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Mozambique. His goal...
west african nations

West African Countries To Adopt ‘Eco’ As Single Currency

The Authority of Ecowas Heads of State and Government has elected President Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger as the chairman for a one-year term and adopted ECO as the name of the single currency to...

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