Writing Beyond A Hobby! Young & Cerebral’s Creative Instincts Writing Workshop

A Crowd of over 120 writers across Nigeria came together on Saturday,
March 23rd, to improve their craft and take their writing career to the
next level at the Young & Cerebral First Creative Instinct Writing
Workshop event in Lagos, with the theme “Writing Beyond A Hobby.” The
crowd was filled with representatives from literary organizations,
Illustrators, Authors, Writers as well as students from schools and

The Event featured Authors, Editors and Publishers who lectured on the
Journey to writing the first line, what it takes to Publish and also
Writing as a trade with a Song Performance by Femi Adekoya. It was a day
filled with Inspiration, Humour and Passion.

The first speaker was Sally Kenneth-Dadzie, a Blogger and a Bestselling
Author. With books such as In the name of Papa, Fourth finger, The little
black book, Fish brain clan, Immortals code and many more. “I was scared
taking that first step but I started writing step by step because I had a
story to tell,” she told the rapt audience as she spoke on the topic, ‘The
journey to writing the first line.’

She spoke on the need for consistency and a well written content as one is
to be careful of what he or she puts on Social media because it always
leave a paper trail. “Your Social media is your resume. These
Organizations are looking for people that will represent their brand,” she
The next speaker was Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon, whose talk was on “What it
takes to Publish?” showed that one had to have a Vision, a Message,
Talent, Skill as well as Passion to begin to Publish. “When it comes to
Publishing ‘do you want to read your own story?’ she posed, ‘or does your
story make sense ?’ she remarked.

Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon a Self-Published Author & Writer, was also present
during the event.During her talk, the self-published author and writer
revealed that her faith in God had guided and inspired her to let it all
out. With numerous books to her name Ufuoma took care to explain the
journey behind each of her books even as she did not hold back in sharing
her story. “You don’t put walls up when writing a story,” she advised.

Seun Odukoya, Writer and Author also presented “Writing as a Trade” which
was about believing in oneself and putting value on whatever one does.

“If you are good at something don’t do it for free. The further you go in
your career, the more you charge premium”, Seun said this while speaking
at the event.

“So write, read, watch movies and meet people. There is nothing more of an
inspiration than life”, he stated
To this he advised participants to be focused and Consistent. “If it is
one fan you have focus on that person and if you give him reason to
believe in you, it will become 5, 5 will become 10 and 10 will become 15”,
he concluded.

Collaborators of the event were Okadabooks, Ignite Africa, Fastizers and
Rite foods.

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