UN Report Claims Ugandan Army Aided M23 Rebels in DR Congo

A United Nations report has revealed that the Ugandan army provided support to the M23 rebel group in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The report claimed that Uganda has failed to prevent the presence and movement of M23 troops through its soil. It further stated that the UN Security Council’s Group of Experts have evidence that Ugandan military officials actively support M23 rebels and hosts meetings for the rebel group’s leaders, including the sanctioned Sultani Makenga. Uganda has since denied these allegations, stating it wouldn’t want to jeopardize its relationship with Congo, which is currently at the best it’s ever been. The UN has long accused Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebels and, in the report, claims there are 3,000-4,000 Rwandan soldiers fighting alongside the rebels. Like Uganda, Rwanda has also denied the allegations.


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