10 Top YouTube Personalities Making It Big In Africa

With increased speeds and access to the internet, YouTube has become one of the biggest hubs for digital content across the African continent.

Here is a list of the 10 African YouTube Personalities we recommend that you check out.

Caspar Lee – South Africa

Top Youtube Personalities

Lee started his self-titled YouTube Channel in 2011. As of today, the channel has more than 7 million subscribers and over 500 million video views, a miracle considering he started his channel in 2011. His second channel, “morecaspar,” has almost 2 million subscribers and over 106 million video views. With different games, challenges, and celebrity guests, Lee’s channels and content surely set him up as Africa’s King of YouTube.

Nikki Perkins – South Sudan

Top Youtube Personalities

Nikki Perkins was born in South Sudan in 1990. She is a celebrity model who has appeared in major publications like the French Elle and Vogue. A nursing student, wife, and mother, Nikki’s YouTube content addresses beauty looks for dark-skinned people, as well as fashion, motherhood and life.

Ikenna Azuike – Nigeria

Top Youtube Personalities

Ikenna Azuike is a Nigerian content creator who uses satire to discuss different issues affecting the African continent. With an unbelievable sense of wit and humor, Ikenna’s show, What’s Up Africa, was adapted as a segment on the BBC’s focus on Africa, boosting it to become one of Africa’s most-watched YouTube channels. Ikenna is passionate about telling the African story without bias and even spoke about it at different TEDx Events.

Kangai Mwiti – Kenya

Top Youtube Personalities

With over 99,000 YouTube followers. Kangai Mwiti is the ultimate blogger when it comes to beauty and makeup. Winner of the Makeup Fashion Category at the first-ever YouTube Awards in 2016, Kangai started the blog four years ago to showcase her work and now boasts having as many as 3 million views.

Dont Jealous Me – Nigeria

Top Youtube Personalities

Tolulope Ogunmefun, AKA T- Boy, started out his YouTube Channel after a random clip with his university friends went viral on Facebook. What started as a comical burst in front of a phone camera, soon extended into a variety of web content that has earned T-Boy a BAFFTA Award and more than 30 million views on YouTube, becoming a force in the African YouTube space. T-Boy, whose fame also granted him a performance at Harvard University in 2011, recently got married and attributes hard work, dedication, and his faith as keys to his success.

Tameen Youness – Egypt

Top Youtube Personalities

A master of content variety, Tameen’s material ranges from spoofs to remixes to vlogs, keeping his subscribers and viewers thoroughly entertained. One of the first YouTubers in Egypt, Tameen’s current show, “Rasseeni,” has about 70,000 subscribers and averages about 200,000 views an episode.

Luyando – Zambia

Top Youtube Personalities

Do you love your hair? Do you love freebies? Well, then you should definitely check out Luyendos YouTube channel, Pure Estrogen. With loads of giveaways, as well as content ranging from tying Bantu knots to weaving, Pure Estrogen is surely one of Africa’s most followed YouTube channels and has more than 30,000 subscribers and 3,294,987 views.

Alpha Sky – Malawi

Top Youtube Personalities

Born Alpha Dube, Alpha Sky is Malawi’s top YouTuber who plays different pranks as well as tech reviews. Alpha is an entertainer whose sense of humor and edginess has kept him on top of his game. In 2012, Alpha suspended his account to build a followership on new platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but he recently announced a bounce back with a new channel that he will use to raise funds for books for Malawian schools as his recent project.

Lorissa Akua – Ghana

Top Youtube Personalities

Lorissa Akua hosts, “The Only Way Is Ghana,” a web-series showing her journey as she works on migrating from London to Ghana. She starts a real-estate business and shows some of the challenges of building and setting up structures in Africa. She also provides advice and tips, as well as shows other cultural elements like weddings and the country’s scenery.

Sibu Mpanza – South Africa

Top Youtube Personalities

Sibu mpanza is a 20-something-year-old South African who chooses to use YouTube to talk the issues affecting his generation. He speaks boldly on topics like rape culture, black representation, and many other sensitive topics without mincing words while keeping an open-minded approach. The humorous lad, who recently got a few corporate endorsement deals through his channel, says his vision is to, ”Hit 100,000 subscribers by 2010 and work with his favorite brands.” The vlogger was named the runner up for the Top YouTube Channel in Africa by the African Blogger Awards in 2016.

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