Top 5 Marketing Influentials In Africa

Marketing Influentials In Africa

Allover the continent of Africa and beyond, African entrepreneurs are doing amazing things.  Build great companies, and helping other companies become great.

Unfortunately, not many of them are known, let allow celebrated.

So, today, I am going to share top 5 marketing leaders in Africa who are doing great job.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you do marketing because it is the sole of every company, and it only make sense to know the top marketing minds on the continent.

I believe that when marketing is done correctly, sales will be unnecessary. I mean, making sales becomes very easy when the marketing is done right.

These marketers are doing great jobs, helping Africans (and even non Africans) expand their companies globally.

In Africa, growing a business is very hard because we have a lot of challenges in Africa, and I hope that these marketing leaders will also teach you some great marketing lessons to grow your business.

#1: Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is an entrepreneur and the founder of Havanzer, which is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Africa.   He’s a marketing leader per excellent.

His approach is somehow different because he says he doesn’t believe in ‘ego metrics’ instead he wants to get the real thing done for companies, which is to grow sales and revenue.

Instead of focusing on ‘likes’, ‘comments’ ‘engagements’, his company focuses on the real thing, which revenue.

His company has managed millions of dollars in online advertising budget for clients both in Africa and out of Africa.

He has been featured on top ranked US podcast, and he’s considered as one of the best minds when it comes to issues of customer acquisition using the internet.

#2:  Abasiama Idaresit

Abasiama Idaresit founded wildfusion  in 2010 and he has grown the company to a ‘powerhouse’ of some sort.

He has been able to grow the company to 3 countries in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. He took a little know company in 2010 and turned it into a giant company that can compete with any business out of Africa.

He regularly shares free strategies to grow companies in Africa.  He gives out a lot of free strategies and lesson.

If we say Africa is blessed, we say so because of people like Abasiama Idaresit.

#3: Julie Maunder

Julie Maunder is the founder of ‘i did that ad’.com, a search tool designed for the creative advertising industry in South Africa.

That means she’s directly responsible for showcasing the best of South Africa’s creative advertising talent on the internet.

Her site isn’t only useful as benchmark for  where the creative industry in South Africa is  at right now, but also provides a medium for creative individuals to upload and share their portfolios so that they can be more easily be seen by talent hunters.

#4: Evans Twumasi

Twumasi studied digital marketing at the University of Illinois, search engine optimization at UC Davis Extension and Marketing Economics at the Stanford University.

Twumasi is one of the fastest growing marketing leaders to put an eye on in Africa. He’s a Ghanaian and he  is the founder of SEOGhana.

A search engine optimization agency that helps companies rank on top pages so that they can get visibility and quick growth in sales.

#5: Princewill Omorogiuwa

Princewill is the CEO of Simon Page College of Marketing , he brings openness, energy and leadership into all marketing activities.

Simon Page College of Marketing is becoming one of the housenames in marketing in Africa. Princewill is the CEO of the Kenya office.

He thinks creatively, strategically and laterally to promote business development and to resolve issues.

Now, I have show you some marketing influentials who are  doing big things in the marketing space, people you may not have heard of but are silently doing amazing job.

All the persons mentioned are doing  great job in the marketing space, I like to know, who is your favorite amongst them?

About The Author:

Greg Edeafie is an avid traveler, a researcher, a marketing enthusiast. When he is not reading a book on sales, he is busy uncovering the ROI that marketing minds generate as a result of their marketing campaigns. Follow him on twitter  @edeafie234

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