South African Woman owned ICT business welcomes globally recognised CTO

Nihka Technology Group has welcomed globally acclaimed digital transformation specialist Abdul Moosa into the organisation as the new Chief Technology Officer. Based on Moosa’s previous experience from several OEMs and system integrators, he is ideally placed to lead the organisation in this role.
In his CTO role at the group level, Moosa will look after the strategic and commercial offerings for both Nihka Technology Group and the newly introduced subsidiary, CyberPort Africa – South Africa’s first black women-owned SOC.

Moosa is thrilled at the opportunity to grow an authentic homegrown technology brand, providing digital transformation capability at a world-class level. “Building on the heritage of business consulting and project management, the Nihka Technology is bridging the gap between technology for people and business. People understand intrinsically how to transform their businesses by deploying digital. It’s not just technology integration. It’s a cultural impact of an organisation. Bringing EQ Into AI is the ethos of the organisation.

He further explains that Nihka Technology Group’s Proudly South African foundation and the key focus on direct skills development and retaining top talent ensures there is no brain drain and skills leaving the economy.

Moosa is clear in his focus on growing the Nihka Technology Group, founded and led by Yashmita Bhana. His goals for the organisation intersect between a quest for excellence and value and local positive social impact. His goal areas focus on: Becoming the leading cybersecurity provider; Training on critical STEM skills of which there is a major shortage in the industry; Assisting organisations in adopting efficiencies in automation with technologies like AI and ML; Becoming a global player or collaborating on a global scale, and advancing gender equity in the technology space.

“I entered the IT industry at the age of 14 where technology was merely seen as a nice to have in most organisations. The industry has evolved to a point where most businesses can’t operate without technology. To keep up with changing times, agility and innovative solutions are key including the protection of valuable information. My decision to join the organisation is based on the heritage of business process engineering fused with technology closing the old age gap where technology and business operated in silos. Gone are the days of box-dropping. Solutions that solve real problems, have a social impact, and transform business models are the flavour of the day.”

Delighted at welcoming the new CTO, Founder, and CEO at Nihka, Yashmita Bhana says the company is fully focused on developing its core areas of cybersecurity and business optimization services through strategy and implementation. “We are pleased to have found a new member to our Group family who brings immense and untold value to developing this business for the next level while creating positive social impact. Abdul could’ve gone anywhere in the world, but chose to bring it home and build for the better. It’s a testament to our shared values for Technology for Good.”
Moosa officially joined the business at the beginning of September and will forge ahead with growth plans to bolster the digital transformation services of hybrid cloud, integration, analytics, and business process optimization.

About Nihka Technology Group
The Nihka Technology Group is a South African technology company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Group is focused on bringing the digital future to both the private and public sectors, locally and globally by delivering innovative, integrated technologies and intelligent solutions. Nihka offers end-to-end multi-dimensional consulting with an emphasis on integrating human potential. Bringing EQ into AI.

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