Soft Skills Coaching: Tips For Better Communication

Created in 2015 and located in Tunisia near the capital Tunis, Samari Consulting is a headhunting and coaching firm operating across the whole African market. In addition to bespoke headhunting / executive search services for its clients across all sectors and industries, their team provides Soft Skills Coaching sessions in English.

First of all, what are Soft Skills?

In fact, Soft Skills are non-technical skills. Topics covered by Samari Consulting’s Soft Skills Coaching include, but are not limited to: communication skills, leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, client relationship management, conflict resolution, as well as public speaking and time and stress management.

Especially due to increased expectations in work environments, fluid communication has become essential.

According to Sabine Bastisch, the director of the Coaching division at Samari Consulting, more effective communication can be achieved by asking yourself three simple questions.

As we all know, preparation is key:

Take a note pad and a pen and write down the three most important points you want to communicate on, ideally by answering the following questions:

1. What is my central message?

2. Why is this message important to me and others?

3. What actions and reactions do I expect from others?

With these three points in mind, you can enter your meetings with the necessary confidence, and they will also help better structure your emails.

Soft Skills Coaching enables you to strengthen your non-technical skills, with customised modules and topics developed in-house, 100% adapted to your needs. All sessions are conducted in English, by native English speakers.

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