By the time an elementary school student graduates high school, 85% of future jobs will be new. What and how we learn today in schools is based on what was important around the industrial revolution, 125 years ago. For children to be ready for the future where there’ll be Artificial Intelligence and Automation, they need to do what machines can’t. Discover what skills are important and how to build these 3 Future Skills to not be replaced by robots.

Najeeb Khan is the author of the best-selling book called Fluid: How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation. Najeeb is the Innovation Strategist at BigCreate and the CEO of Relax Brands Inc. He has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, OMNI News, and spoken at various business schools. He was also recognized by American Express and Ashoka as one of the 45 “Emerging Innovators,” across Canada, the United States & Mexico.

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