Reeddi Capsules: Empowering Nigerian Communities With Clean, Affordable Energy

Adequate electricity supply remains a persistent challenge for households and businesses across Nigeria, where only 55% of the population has access to electricity, and the grid can only supply an average of 4000MW to nearly 200 million people. This lack of consistent access imposes significant economic and social costs, as Nigerians often resort to using polluting generators fueled by costly petrol to meet their energy needs. However, there exists a significant opportunity to reduce both the financial and environmental burdens associated with this reliance on generators by providing simple, stable, and affordable sources of electricity.

In 2020, Reeddi Technologies secured a $25K USADF grant award through its partnership with All-On, to enhance access to clean and affordable electricity for residents in Ogun State and Lagos State. Leveraging their innovative approach, Reeddi deployed proprietary Reeddi capsules, small rechargeable battery, and inverter units on a rental basis to its customer base. By the end of 2021, Reeddi had successfully deployed more than 500 of these systems, providing clean and reliable off-grid electricity to over 1,780 homes and businesses. This initiative not only reduced the energy expenses of users by 40% but also contributed to improving their standard of living.

The rental model adopted by Reeddi effectively eliminated the upfront cost barrier to accessing clean and reliable electricity, particularly in low-income, energy-scarce communities. This approach democratized energy access, making it more attainable for low-income earners within their operational areas.

During this period, Reeddi also achieved success in training 12 local energy entrepreneurs to support the rental operations of Reeddi Capsules in their respective communities. These entrepreneurs not only facilitated access to clean energy but also served as local Reeddi solar ambassadors, experiencing a 30% increase in their earnings. Beyond providing affordable and clean electricity, this initiative catalyzed energy-based entrepreneurship, created job opportunities, and uplifted the livelihoods of individuals in these communities.

Building upon the triumph of their initial deployment, Reeddi expanded its product offerings to include larger energy systems. This expansion introduced the Reeddi Big Energy System, boasting a capacity of 2000W, representing over 10 times the capacity of their initial product, the Reeddi Capsule. Additionally, they introduced the Reeddi Energy Box system with a capacity of 500W, further diversifying their product portfolio to meet the evolving needs of their customers and communities.

Original Source: USADF

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