Prembly And Peleza Announce Strategic Merger To Enhance Global Data Security Infrastructure And Compliance Solutions

Prembly, a U.S.-headquartered provider of compliance and digital security solutions across emerging markets, and Peleza, a leading East African background checks and KYB coDmpany serving some of the most notable international organisations in the region, have today announced their merger, making the combined entity the most robust data infrastructure and compliance solutions company serving emerging markets.

Founded in 2021, Prembly has quickly become a key player in the digital security and infrastructure space, serving enterprises and global companies by helping them expand into emerging markets and positioning the continent as the next hub for growth. By partnering with several African governments to provide tailored solutions that account for the intricacies of local contexts regarding adoption and implementation, Prembly has facilitated digital security transformation and has been at the forefront of compliance solutions for emerging markets.

“The merger with Peleza deepens our industry knowledge and elevates our strengths and technologies, empowering us to exceed our clients’ expectations worldwide. We are also very excited to have Marita, with over 15 years of experience, join our leadership team at the newly formed Prembly Group to drive innovation and enhance our strategic initiatives,” said Lanre Ogungbe, founder and CEO of Prembly.

Operating under a unified brand as Prembly Group, this strategic alliance will leverage synergies to enhance service delivery across multiple sectors, including finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more. Customers can expect enhanced capabilities in identity verification, background checks, risk management, and regulatory compliance solutions tailored to meet businesses’ evolving needs.

With almost a decade of experience in the East African region and key partnerships, including Uber, Bolt, and FedEx, Peleza brings a legacy of business excellence and strong customer relations. This merger further demonstrates increased growth opportunities within the continent and is expected to create significant value for shareholders, customers, and investors alike.

“This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime transformational opportunity to combine two great companies with great cultures, histories, and a promising future. The strength in both our numbers as one unified team, with both enterprises coming together to serve global markets and creating a combined culture that supports our single global vision of driving excellence in data integrity and regulatory compliance quite excites us!” said Marita Mutemi of Peleza.

Combining both teams of over 100 employees, with operational offices in Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria, and headquarters in the US, Prembly Group will ensure the expansion of products and footprint globally. Since launching in 2021, Prembly has processed over 40 million verifications, projected to triple with this merger, with an average projection of about 3.5 million identity verifications monthly, covering emerging markets and global data infrastructure needs. The brand equity inherent in both companies will enhance their core strengths and provide increased resources to invest in growth opportunities.

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