Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences, previously known as the Queen Victoria Museum, is a museum located in Harare, Zimbabwe. The museum houses the ngoma lungundu, a 700-year-old Lemba artifact that some believe is a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. It is the oldest piece of wood ever discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa. The “ngoma lungundu” is from the Lemba people, who are black Africans with Jewish ancestors. They claim the vessel was built nearly 700 years ago from the remains of the original Ark, which according to the Bible was used to store Moses’ 10 Commandments. The ancient vessel was thought to be lost for decades until it was recently discovered in a storeroom in Harare.

Natural History Museum Bulawayo

The Natural History Museum Bulawayo is located on Leopold Takawira Avenue in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The museum, which officially opened in 1964, contains exhibits depicting Zimbabwe’s history, mineral wealth, and wildlife, including the world’s second largest mounted elephant. It is one of five national museums in Zimbabwe and the only natural history museum. The museum has nine public display galleries, a lecture hall with seating for 120 people, a cafeteria, and eight research departments with significant study collections and ongoing research in the following disciplines: arachnology and invertebrates, entomology, ornithology, mammology, herpetology, ichthyology, paleontology, geology, and archaeology.

 The Shona Sculpture Gallery

The Shona Sculpture Gallery focuses on the highest quality Shona sculpture. Beautiful garden setting, a tranquil oasis just minutes from the airport. See works by the best contemporary African sculptors as well as the most well-known names in the African Modern Art movement. This location has one of the best collections of modern African art sculptures in Harare, with works by both modern and first generation sculptors available. Prices are higher than at roadside stands or the sculptors’ own homes/workshops, but you can find great works by several top sculptors all in one place, beautifully displayed in a lovely garden and indoor gallery.

National Gallery of Bulawayo

The National Gallery of Bulawayo, housed in one of the country’s finest monuments, is a one-of-a-kind facility that hosts stimulating and challenging exhibitions. Douslin House, where the Gallery is located, is over 100 years old. Its architectural splendor demonstrates the gallery’s own aesthetic appreciation and artistic goal.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) is a gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe, dedicated to presenting and conserving contemporary art and visual heritage from Zimbabwe. Frank McEwen, a British citizen credited with bringing Shona Sculpture to the forefront, designed and directed the original National Gallery of African Modern Art in Rhodesia. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother officially opened the Gallery of African Modern Art on July 16, 1957, and Queen Elizabeth II attended the sixth Zimbabwe Heritage Exhibition there in October 1991.

Bulawayo Railway Museum

The museum was founded in 1972. It is a railway museum in Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo railway station that houses several exhibitions of African Modern Art on the history of the Zimbabwean railway system. The museum’s oldest exhibits date from 1897 and include Cecil Rhodes’ personal railway coach. The NRZ owns the museum. Some steam locomotives in the Museum of African Modern Art have been refurbished and returned to service in the past due to a severe shortage of rolling stock.

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