Lusaka National Museum

The Lusaka National Museum is a museum in Lusaka, Zambia that focuses on the country’s history and culture. The Lusaka National Museum opened to the public in October 1996, after construction began in the 1980s. While the museum was originally intended to focus on the history of Zambian independence, by the time it opened, its focus had shifted to cultural history. The museum collection is kept in storage rooms, while other heritage objects are displayed in two galleries on the ground and upper floors of the African Modern Art Museum.

Livingstone Museum Zambia

The Livingstone Museum, also known as the David Livingstone Memorial Museum and the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum, is Zambia’s largest and oldest museum, located in Livingstone near Victoria Falls. The museum houses exhibits of artifacts related to local history and prehistory, such as photographs, musical instruments, and the possessions of explorer and missionary David Livingstone.

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