Museums Of Mauritania

Museum of Ouadane

The Museum of Ouadane is a local museum in Ouadane, Mauritania. It is located in the old town of the World Heritage Site of Ouadane in a building called Maison des Armes.

Its collections present elements from the Neolithic to the colonial period, with lithic materials, ceramics, Arabic manuscripts and maps, and rockets fired at Ouadane during the Western Sahara conflict as well as assorted ethnographic odds and ends.

National Museum of Mauritania

The National Museum of Mauritania, also known as the National Museum of Nouakchott (French: Musée National de Nouakchott), is a national museum in Nouakchott, Mauritania. It is located to the southwest of the Hotel Mercure Marhaba, west of Hotel de Ville, northwest of Parc Deydouh, and northeast of the Mosque Ould Abas.

The museum has notable archaeological and ethnographical collections. It contains two galleries that showcase collections of sherds, arrowheads, and local costumes.

The National Museum is housed in a two-storey building constructed in 1972 by the Chinese. The building also houses the Mauritanian Institute of Scientific Research, the Mauritanian Manuscripts Conservation Centre and the National Library of Mauritania. The museum consists of two permanent exhibition rooms and a temporary exhibition room.

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