Museum of Photography

Museum of Photography of Madagascar is located in the Upper Town, a highly touristic district, the Museum of Photography aims to tell the story of Madagascar through rare images. In addition, it aims to preserve and enhance the photographic heritage of the Big Island, and should allow Malagasy people to appropriate their photographic heritage and students and researchers to access new research materials.


This project was born from the association in 2013 of a history teacher, Helihanta Rajaonarison, a Belgian patron, Cédric Donck and an amateur photographer, Tsiry Solofomihanta. First virtual, the Museum has nearly 4,500 historical photographs of Madagascar, from pre-colonization to the independence of the Big Island in 1960. All the photographs are available online on Facebook and the museum’s website. Today, a step has been taken with the creation of a physical museum open to the general public.

Andafiavaratra Palace

The Andafiavaratra Palace, located on the highest hilltop of the capital city of Antananarivo, was the residence of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony of Madagascar, who governed the island kingdom in the late 19th century. The building currently serves as a museum and the estimated 1,466 objects of historical importance to the Kingdom of Madagascar that were rescued from the 1995 fire at the Rova of Antananarivo are housed here.

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