Cape Verde

Museu da Tabanca

It is located in Chã de Tanque in the western part of the island of Santiago in Cape Verde. It is specifically dedicated to local culture, including Tabanka music. The museum was first opened in 2000 in Assomada, but later moved to Chã de Tanque in December 2008. After a few years of renovation, it was reopened in November 2017.

  • Address: 37RX+RGR, Chao de Tanque (pt) / Txan de Tanki (CV), Chao de Tanque, Cape Verde
  • Website

Museu Etnográfico da Praia

Museu Etnográfico da Praia is an ethnographic museum. Opened in November 1997, the museum is housed in a 19th century building on the island of Santiago in Praia. The museum contains a selection of objects that represent the traditional uses and customs of the Cape Verdean people.

  • Address: WFCV+C4R, Av 5 de Julio, Praia, Cape Verde
  • Phone: +238 261 84 21

Museum dos Naufragos

Founded and developed by the Association dos Naufragos, The Museum dos Naufragos was the first private building of anthropological and artistic interest in Cape Verde. The museum has cultural anthropological collections, works of art and discoveries of underwater archeology. It has an upward path that represents the soul’s quest for  the past and  future. The permanent exhibition takes a variety of approaches to its three main themes: the history and culture of the Cape Verde islands, the universal language of art, the path of a shipwreck to safety. 

  • Address: 53HM+7H Sal Rei Sal Rei Boa Vista, 5110, Cape Verde
  • Phone: +238 528 11 73
  • Website

Museu Municipal de São Filipe

The museum is located in the historic centre of São Filipe, on the island of Fogo. It opened on December 13, 2008, by the town president Eugênio Miranda da Veiga. It is located in an old colonial style townhouse. The museology was conceived in collaboration with the technical team of the Municipal Museum of Palmela de Portugal, due to the twinning of the two locations.

  • Address: VFVX+JX2, São Filipe, Cape Verde
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