Babungo Museum

An art and cultural museum located in Ndop. The museum presents a sample of major and significant objects from the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Babungo, which was formerly the most important iron-work centre in Cameroon. The treasure of the talented sculptor-kings of Babungo with thousands of pieces still remains the most impressive of the Grassland. The art objects of Babungo express all the aspects of social life and the artistic heritage includes works belonging to different collections spread across the kingdom, but close to three-quarters of the important pieces were kept in the royal residence.

  • Address: 3CCR+JWV, Babungo, Cameroon

Baham Museum

Baham Museum

The Baham Museum is an art and cultural museum located in the town of Baham, Cameroon. It offers insight into the rich culture of the old Baham kingdom. It includes many objects owned by members of the community that are on loan to the museum. The museum also organizes a competition for contemporary works of art – with the impressive winners on display.

  • Address: 89MW+93Q, Unnamed Road, Baham, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 6 77 53 97 66

Bandjoun Museum

The Bandjoun Museum presents more than a hundred major and significant objects of the cultural and artistic heritage of Bandjoun, one of the main centers of creation and artistic tradition of the Cameroonian Grassland. There are rare pieces, including some masterpieces of African art. They celebrate the splendor of the court of the kings of Bandjoun, the grandeur and power of these monarchs and their collaborators, the solidity of the institutions. 

  • Address: B.P 52, Bandjoun, Cameroun, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 6 93 53 79 50
  • Website

Blackitude Museum

Blackitude Museum is an ethnographic museum in Yaoundé; Cameroon. The museum project began in March 1998 from a commitment of its founding president Her Majesty Ngo Nab. Fo I NANA Agnes Sunjio through her deep desire to save what remains of the artistic heritage in Cameroon.

  • Address: VG79+M8G, Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 6 70 58 79 16


Doualart is a center for contemporary art, founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization by Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub. It hosts changing displays of work from all over Cameroon and the rest of Africa.

  • Address: 2MVP+8RP, Place du Gouvernement, Douala, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 2 33 43 32 59
  • Website

Mankon Museum

The Mankon Museum is an art and cultural museum located in Mankon-Bamenda, Cameroon. The museum was inaugurated in 2006, and is situated at the entrance to the Mankon Palace. Many of the historical objects in the collection came directly from the palace. The pieces are extraordinarily rich, both in their quality, the diversity of the domains they approach and by the variety of their decorative motifs, styles and themes. The permanent exhibition, entitled “Arts, Heritage and Culture from the Mankon Kingdom”, presents some 179 objects grouped together in six thematic sections.

  • Address: 2433+7Q2, Mankon, Cameroon

Mus’art Gallery

The Musa Heritage Gallery is in Kumbo, Cameroon. It houses a collection of over 400 art objects that were mainly created between 1970 and 2000 and range from bamboo work to wood carvings, from basketry to pottery. The museum is a place for exchanges and education, a place where arts open paths for better understanding of history and traditions from the Grass-fields region of Cameroon.

Musée des civilisations de Dschang 

The Museum of Civilizations of Cameroon in Dschang is an atypical cultural structure opened to the public on November 20, 2010. It is on the banks of the municipal lake of Dschang Building with “talking” architecture, its design sets the tone and color for anyone who wants to discover the many facets of the civilizations of the peoples who have lived for centuries on all of Cameroon. The architecture and artistic design is the signature of Sylvain Djache Nzefa.  

Musée maritime de Bonanjo

The Douala Maritime Museum opened in 2013 and its architectural design looks like the stern of a ship. The museum hosts artifacts, models & photographs tracing the history of ships, maritime trade & fisheries in Douala. In addition to learning about the country’s maritime history, you can also find out how and where commerce developed in Cameroon. The museum offers guided tours for those who want to observe and learn at the same time.

  • Address: 1588, Douala, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 2 33 42 21 66

Musée national du Cameroun

Musée national du Cameroun of African Art is located in a grand white 1930s villa – a former presidential palace. It is the center of all public museum of Cameroon and tells the history of the country along with tribal objects, including garments and drums.

  • Address: Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Phone: +237 2 22 23 85 99
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