Locals Invent Ingenious Solution to Protect Zanzibar’s Coral Reefs

Recently, coral reefs around Zanzibar, including nearby Mnemba Island, have been under attack from over-fishing, heavy tourism, and climate change-induced rising sea temperature. As a result, the reef has suffered damage, which has in turn endangered the aquatic animals that make a home there. However, an organization named the Mnemba Coral Reef Restoration Project is working to reverse the change through the use of an ingenuous solution: coral transplantation. With the help of local divers, the organization uses artificial reefs to restore marine life to the area. To start with, volunteers arrange different types of corals around different tables, which they then introduce to the reef. Their work doesn’t stop there, however, as they have to maintain the corals and ensure it offers a suitable home for the aquatic animals that will inevitably flock there.


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