Kyndryl Plants Trees In South Africa

  • Global initiative involves planting more than 90,000 trees around the world, one for each employee
  • Nearly 200 Indigenous trees planted to replace polyphagous shot hole borer affected trees

Kyndryl employees in South Africa today gathered to plant trees with One Tree Planted, a non-profit 501c3 charity, and Nguni Nursery, an ethical contract tree growing and tree supply nursery for land restoration and greening projects.

Together, the teams planted nearly 200 Indigenous 10 litre trees in Newclare Cemetery, replacing trees that were affected and killed by polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB), an invasive beetle.

The initiative is part of Kyndryl’s global sustainability program, announced in November 2021, to commemorate the launch of the new business. The program, in partnership with One Tree Planted, involves planting more than 90,000 trees around the world. Each tree planted represents a Kyndryl professional and the roots they are establishing to help grow the new company.

The outdoor plantings enable employees in more than 60 countries to come together in the spirit of camaraderie and establish strong kinship with each other and the critical roles they play in powering human progress.

“As a people-centric IT services business, we firmly believe that our company’s culture and employees drive our ability to succeed and bring value to our customers,” says Sandhya Sonne, Managing Director, Kyndryl South Africa.

“To celebrate and honor our people, Kyndryl has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree in the name of each of our employees across the world. Just like the trees are the lungs of our planet, Kyndryls are the heart of our business. We would like to thank Nguni Nursery for supporting us with such a special initiative and to bring it to South Africa.”

As part of its broader Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy, Kyndryl continues to invest in sustainable technologies and renewable energy to reduce emissions across its global operations and drive greater energy efficiencies for customers.

With a global base of over 4000 customers — including 75 of the Fortune 100 companies, Kyndryl is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider. The company designs, builds, manages, and modernizes the complex, mission-critical information systems that the world depends on every day.

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