Become A Model In South Africa

How To Become A Model In South Africa

The South African fashion scene is full of creativity and imagination with Cape Town and Johannesburg at the very centre of it all. With their fashion week reaching their 21st birthday recently, they proudly showcase the latest designer concepts.

Cape Town and Johannesburg are full of possibility with young, emerging fashion designers and make up artists hoping to help shape the vibrant African design culture.

Joining them are many aspiring male and female models hoping to walk the South African runways and pose for photo shoots for the exciting new talent of the generation. Fresh faces are constantly needed to keep up with the demand. Overall, it is a promising time for both talented models and designers as the fashion landscape goes from strength to strength. A successful modelling career is a realistic possibility.

Discover how to become a model in South Africa with our top tips.

Find a Modelling Agency

The first thing to do is find an agency. There are many model agencies based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban who can help you become a model. Boss Models and Ice Model Management both have offices in these South African cities.

With the world unable to ignore the growing fashion scene, there are many roles for new faces with a unique look. They will also look for specific height requirements that fulfil the needs of the industry. Model agencies will react to the demand and even find international roles for local models. The fashion industry works on a global scale with opportunities arising worldwide.Research into agencies that you trust and appear to be well established in the city of your choice. Make a list of the ones that you wish to apply to. Finding the right agency for you is very important. 

Live Near a City

It may be worthwhile living near one of the larger cities to be available for regular castings. Modelling is not an easy career to pursue, as the industry is very competitive.

Therefore, models do not want to miss any opportunities whether it be a meeting at an agency or a casting with a potential client. If you have to travel a fair distance you may not be available at short notice. Remember there will be always someone to take your place.

Get Scouted

Many agents head out of the office to scout models in shopping malls and airports. Although it is not advised to rely solely upon being spotted by an agency it does happen.

Agents are looking for a unique face, something different from what is already in the market. They also use social media channels especially Instagram to find new talent. However, make sure that you stay safe and do not trust everyone who contacts you.

Make sure that you investigate further to find out if they are trustworthy and never meet up with someone from the Internet alone.

Apply to a Model Agency

The most common way that models are successful in South Africa is by applying online. Agencies will have application forms for hopefuls to complete, which usually consists of your personal contact details such as your name, age, phone number and email address.

Also, you will be asked for your measurements (height, dress size, waist and bust measurement, shoe size, etc) and a couple of photographs. They will usually state if they would like a model portfolio image or head/full length photo.

Make sure the shots are professional and meet their criteria to be in with a chance. Only the best photos will do. A misspelling or wrong format could cost you a meeting with an agency. They have a lot of applications and therefore, do not have time to work out a missing digit or to convert a file.

Practice Your Skills

Models who wish to take part in the South African Fashion Shows must be able to deliver every time. Your model walk must be fierce to impress. Also, you must be able to listen carefully, attend every fitting, be ready for the gruelling schedule and pose on cue.

It might sound easy but trust us the long days of early starts and late finishes take its toll. Also, walking confidently on a catwalk takes time to get it just right. Therefore, practice as much as possible to perfect your skills as it could be the reason you secure the casting over your rival.

An unprepared model will not get very far as a casting agency will be able to spot a disorganised model straight away. The last thing you want is to be turned down due to laziness.

Experience in modelling will determine the type of model you want to become. It may be wise to get involved in a test shoot to build your portfolio and experience at the same time.

Become A Model In South Africa

Look After Yourself

It is very important to take care of your skin and physique. Models are expected to have an even skin tone, a clear complexion and a toned figure. Therefore, a beauty regime and workout plan must be put in place and kept to regularly to be in with a chance of making it as a model.

Eat a healthy, nutritious diet that includes a lot of vegetables, fruit and water. You will start to see a big difference in your skin especially with a disciplined exercise and beauty routine that ensures you take your makeup off each night.

To Finish

To become a successful South African model you must be determined, persistent, savvy and hard working. The fashion weeks brimming with glamour and creativity may look appealing yet you must work hard to show your commitment to the industry.

There will be many rejections to deal with when becoming a model but if you keep going you will be rewarded with a career in the ever-growing evolution of the fashion world taking part in the shows that everyone will want to attend.

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