H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat, Minister of Planning, Economic Development, & International Cooperation, Addresses the Special Committee Discussing the Government Program at Parliament

H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat, Minister of Planning, Economic Development, and International Cooperation, participated in a meeting of the special committee formed by the Parliament to discuss and study the new government’s work program for the period (2024/2025 – 2026/2027), chaired by Counselor Ahmed Saad, the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Mohamed Abou El-Enein, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, and H.E. Dr. Hassan El-Khatib, Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Kouchouck, Minister of Finance, and Counselor Mahmoud Fawzi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Legal Affairs, and Political Communication.

In her opening remarks, H.E. Dr. A. Rania Al-Mashat emphasized the utmost importance of continuous and effective communication with the parliament, transparently addressing all members’ inquiries regarding the government program. The Minister of Planning, Economic Development, and International Cooperation noted that the pivotal phase our nation is undergoing requires integration and coordination among various sectors and societal institutions to meet aspirations and overcome challenges facing the state.

H.E. Minister Al-Mashat highlighted that while there are challenges, the new government is also a government of opportunities. The Minister emphasized that the merging of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of International Cooperation aims to achieve a different philosophy of work to enhance development plan effectiveness, strengthen state efforts in providing soft financing for the private sector to stimulate foreign investments, and achieve integration between the mechanisms available to both ministries to meet aspirations and implement the government program while increasing operational efficiency.

Al-Mashat mentioned that work is underway to formulate a new vision for the ministry in line with the directives of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the new government work program (2024/2025 – 2026/2027), consistent with the requirements and changes of the pivotal phase in the Egyptian economy, global and regional economic challenges, ensuring strong and sustainable growth rates across most sectors, building upon the comprehensive economic and structural reforms implemented in recent years, and enhancing the efficiency of public investments while creating opportunities for the private sector to lead the development process, aiming to promote comprehensive and sustainable growth and job creation.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Planning and Economic Development – Egypt.

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