LISTEN: Donald Kaberuka Curates’s Top10 Business News

We invited Donald Kaberuka, now a senior advisor to the Boston Consulting Group, to curate the week’s news.

Donald brings a unique perspective to the Top10 Business. He served for ten years as the President of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) a perch from which he negotiated with the collective of interests gathered at WEF this week: leaders in the private sector, country presidents, ministers of finance, and community organizations.

During his tenure at the AfDB, he led a strategy to promote regional  integration through infrastructure investments in roads, railways, power plants and communications.

With this experience, Donald has surveyed the many stories competing for your attention this week, and carefully selected the top ten business articles that he thinks’s readers should focus on right now.

The Six People and Things You Need to Know About WEF Africa 2017

From South African President Zuma defending his recent cabinet reshuffle, to a report on the Most Inclusive African Economies in Africa, we share highlights of who attended, and what was discussed under the theme ‘Achieving Inclusive Growth Responsive and Responsible Leadership,’ at this week’s 3-day World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa held in Durban, South Africa.

INSIDER’S VIEW – the Inside Coverage of WEF

There’s more to WEF gatherings than the official keynotes and panels. takes you behind the scenes, providing insight on the people, the parties, and the pancakes.

How Africa Can Maximise Private Equity

Whether it’s private equity, venture capital or foreign direct investment, this is the time to look for the opportunities in Africa, because this is where the demographics are, along with the potential for growth. Private equity can help identify African companies and help them become global.

The Africa Attractiveness Index

Even though the index shows a 31.9% rise in capital investment, but a 13.1% decline in job creation, the stats need to be nuanced. I look at Africa as one market, and attractiveness should be determined by how its regions perform.

Is Technology the Key to Solving Africa’s Economic Woes?

The problems of humankind are resolved with talent and knowledge. What will resolve Africa’s problems is the skills that we impart on young people. If we build a society that can use its talent to grow, then technology becomes a tool to achieve what people have already envisioned.

Should Investing in Livestock Be Used as an African Model?

I would rather shift the debate that we look at how we enable poor and people in the rural areas access to assets which they can use as collateral for loans and help them achieve financial inclusion.

What It Takes to Grow the Human Economy

Oxfam’s new report titled “Starting with people”‚  says that we need to grow economies for all in order to avoid high levels of inequality which is not only an African issue, but cuts across the globe. I completely endorse the notion that economies can no longer exclude the majority if we want to create a politically, economically, and socially sustainable continent.

A Partnership to Make Rwanda a Pioneer in Digital Learning

The wheels are in motion for Microsoft to provide training, equipment and develop the East African country’s online education system. By 2020, the two hope to ensure that all subjects in school will be taught online and in turn develop necessary skills that can create other career opportunities.

How South Africa Should Approach Renewable Energy

South Africa does not have adequate hydro resources but neighbours such as Mozambique, Zambia and Angola have plenty. This means a regional market to boost intra-Africa trade using energy can be developed to address a country’s lack of a natural resource.

Perceived vs Real Risk in Africa

Over the past 30 years, Africa has made progress in managing its risk by implementing several measures to achieve this. Investors who are already on the continent understand that the real risk is lower than what people think. But investors from outside still believe that the risk is very high.
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