Conversion Science Chosen As Google Marketing Platform Partner

Conversion Science announced today that they have been selected as Google Marketing Platform Partner and has received certification for Analytics 360, making them one of a handful Premium Google Partners to achieve this status in South Africa.

Conversion Science is a Search Engine Marketing and Analytics agency focused on running highly optimised performance campaigns. The agency specialises in return on investment marketing through Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, Conversion Optimisation, Paid Media Strategy, Google Analytics and Training & Consulting.

Google Analytics 360 partners provide data strategy, data collection, testing, reporting, and dashboard services for websites and mobile apps. Partners are vetted by Google and meet rigorous standards so that their clients can trust that they are working with a company who know Google solutions and can provide the expertise they are looking for.

Conversion Science is led by Ariel Sumeruk, an SEM veteran with a PHD in theoretical physics, who has a sound understanding of how to utilise the machine learning tools such as automated bidding for clients to ensure peak performance of their campaigns.

“At Conversion Science, we use data and strategic insight to continually analyse and adjust campaigns to achieve results and maximise ROAS. We are excited to get access to features that are unique to Analytics 360, as well as access to behind the scenes technical information which will help us provide even better service to our Google analytics clients,” said Sumeruk.

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