The Beautiful People of Eritrea

People of Eritrea

Eritrea is ranked sixth in the list of top 10 countries in the world with the most beautiful girls.

The people of Eritrea come from 9 different tribes and each tribe is different from the other in terms of language, music, clothes, food, customs and culture.

There’s definitely an exotic look about Eritreans, and features that could have you mistaking them for several different races. One of the reasons for this could be that Eritreans along with Northern Ethiopians, have a genetically unique phenotype and are genetically more closely related to Mediterranean groups like Berbers and Arabs. (Ethiopian/Eritrean Genetic studies : An Afroasiatic people)

The nine ethnic groups that make up the beautiful people of Eritrea

  • The Tigrinya are sedentary farmers. They stay on the central and southern highlands of Eritrea.
  • The Bilen people of Eritrea are herders and farmers. They live around the city of Keren.
  • Eritrean Afar or Dankalis people stay primarily in the southeastern region of Eritrea. The majority of the Afar people are Sunni Muslim.
  • The Saho people (sometimes called Soho) stay on the coast and hinterland south of Asmara, Massawa and the highlands. The majority are seasonal farmers.
  • The Rashaida people are the country’s only ethnic Arabs. They are primarily traders and pastoralists.
  • The Tigre people are known for their singing, dancing, rich literature, poetry, stories of war and the supernatural. They stay in the western lowlands across the northern mountains to the coastal plains.
  • The Kunama people live close to the Ethiopian border in the south-western Eritrea, around a town called Barentu.
  • The Nara stay in the western slopes and Barka plains. They are mainly  sedentary farmers.
  • The Hedarab people of Eritrea stay in the arc from western Barka across the north-western valleys of the arid volcanic Sahel region. Many Hedarebs are semi-nomadic pastoralists.

Eritrea is a beautiful East African country that is bordered by Sudan, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. When you land in its expansive capital, Asmara, you will be impressed by its clean streets and the display of its vibrant culture and lifestyle. Eritreans are known to be friendly people who greet you with a smile on their faces. They are helpful and go over and beyond to ensure tourists and expats are safe to move around their city freely.

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