ABD Group – Enabling Digital Economies Across Africa

 Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Meta are bringing major opportunities to drive cloud adoption and reskill people for a digitally focused world. In Africa, U.S. developer ABD Group is establishing new data centers across the continent that will drive growth. This $500 million commitment will provide secure, globally competitive fintech infrastructure that will advance African digital economies. Through such investments, ABD Group hopes to encourage African governments to prioritize digital infrastructure development and implement policies that promote the growth of the digitization in emerging economies.


 The deal will be launched in Cote d’Ivoire and expand to key markets across Africa – where there’s a demand for digital services – to help drive cloud adoption. This demand can be met through investments in data centers and other fintech infrastructure. With more data center options, tech giants are opening up cloud regions in Africa, prompting the growth of digital economies, bolstering local job opportunities, and improving household incomes in these newly digitally enabled regions.