Museums of Mozambique


Fortaleza of Maputo

Fortaleza of Maputo museum is an onsite military history museum that provides a chance to learn something about the area’s colonial days. It’s one of the oldest and most important structures in Mozambique’s largest city. The museum offers a glimpse into Maputo’s colonial history. Built by the Portuguese in the 18th century, the fort features stone walls surrounded by a moat.

Governor’s Palace Museum, Mozambique Island

Governor’s Palace Museum shows how early governors lived the colonial life. The museum is home to various artifacts on display, such as furniture and ceramics once owned by governors, all of which are spread across three different sections dedicated to different governors.

Museu De História Natural de Maputo

Museu De História Natural de Maputo was founded in 1911 and installed since 1933 in a beautiful building inspired by the Manueline style, built by the City Council. It is without doubt one of the most visited places of the city by nationals and foreigners. It began as a Provincial Museum, then Dr. Álvaro de Castro Museum, after being renamed the Natural History Museum.

The African Art Museum has been in existence since 1913, under the name of Museum of the Province of Mozambique and in 1933 it was finally installed in the building  where it can be seen today, an interesting Manueline (Gothic Portuguese) building in the Ponta Vermelha neighborhood. Initially known   as the Dr. Álvaro de Castro Museum, later in 1975, it changed its name to the Natural History Museum. Collections include fauna, flora,   minerals and native handicrafts and objects of historical value in Mozambique.

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