7 Ways To Unwind, Relax And Take Time For Yourself

How often do you carve out time to take care of yourself? We lead busy, fast-paced lives. We’re always on the go. Our to-do lists never seem to end. We chase deadlines each day. 

Juggling life and work obligations make it hard to unwind and relax. But it’s important to take time and recharge. Self-care is good for your health and mental agility. 

So, stop. Relax and unwind. Here are 7 ways you can unwind, recharge, and restore. 

 Destress in Nature

Ah! Nature. It’s healing. It’s soothing. It’s relaxing. Being immersed in nature is an amazing way to relieve stress and take time to recharge. Whether it’s walking on a local nature trail, cycling around the neighborhood, or watching sunrise or sunset from your balcony, your mind and body get a chance to connect with nature. It shouldn’t take a whole day to enjoy the perks of being in nature. It’s as effortless as a short walk, sitting at the park as you take your lunch, or watering your yard in the evening. You’ll get a chance to clear your head, pay attention to something else apart from your daily responsibilities, and pay attention to yourself. To fully destress while outside, concentrate on your senses to awaken the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Focus on the sky, take in all the green plants around you, and listen as the trees swish. 


Take time to focus and learn how to breathe. It’s a fantastic way to destress. Do it in your office, at home, or anywhere. Do it while standing, lying on the floor, or seated. Try it.

 Lie, sit or stand. Breath in. Make it deep. Hold it in and slowly exhale. 

Notice any difference?

Breathing is an effective distressing tool you can use when stressed, feeling anxious, or agitated. Make it a habit, and take time to deeply breathe each morning or at the end of a busy day. 

Get a Good Book

Reading a book engages your mind. It reduces stress, deepens your empathy, and is a good escape from your daily responsibilities. Reading helps you self-soothe and get away from the daily pressures and deadlines.  

Get an Endorphin Treat

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy an endorphin pump. Physical activity will help boost the production of endorphin into the bloodstream at the end of the day. Join swimming, aerobics, or any fitness club in your neighborhood to make physical activity part of your routine. Heck, join a cycling club to keep things interesting. Commit yourself to the club by getting yourself a bike and cycling gear. If you’re new to cycling, get an electric cruiser bike. Electric cruiser bikes are built for leisure cycling. You’ll achieve great cycling miles without exceeding your physical limit. If you don’t love cycling, run. Or make the gym or swimming pool your friend. 

Put Your Thoughts on Paper

Writing heals. It keeps your emotions in check. Record your small achievements by journaling. Focus on your win and gratitude. Journaling will let you dwell on the positives. It doesn’t have to be an all-day activity. Incorporate journaling into your bedtime routine. 


Meditation draws you to yourself. Meditation helps you block everything around you. Reserve time to meditate. Carve out a silent corner or room in your home and turn it into a meditation space. As you meditate, center on your breathing, and slowly span your focus to your emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Block your daily obligations, and solely focus on yourself, your senses, body, and mind.   

Sleep, Rest and Restore

Don’t underestimate the goodness of restful sleep. Sleep deprivation makes a stressful day even more stressful. It takes away your happiness and affects your memory, learning, and how you relate with others. Set a schedule, limit your sensory stimulation, and sleep.  

Final Words 

No more excuses. If you desire a balanced life, recharge. Breathe. Draw yourself into the moment and relax. A busy life should not be an excuse to keep going without taking a break. Slow down each moment you feel overwhelmed. Take time out and recharge. While these 7 ways are not the only way to relax and destress, they’re easy to do. Turn them into habits.  

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