10 Popular African Wedding Photographers

If you’re tying the knot soon and looking for African wedding photographers, this list will definitely help you in your search.

When pursuing African wedding photographers, it can be very difficult to determine who will tell your love story the best. Professional African wedding photographers who have been in the business for several years will have developed a portfolio full of beautiful photographs. Your job, will be to browse the portfolio and see if the photos are compelling to you. Do you find yourself getting lost in the story of each photo or do you simply flip the pages.

Keep in mind that weddings are as beautiful an occasion as they are an artistic space for African wedding photographers. The following wedding photographers have proven their artistic value.

Ben Kiruthi

Ben Kiruthi is a Kenyan photographer who specializes in wedding photography. His passion for wedding photography was ignited when he married his wife Gathoni. After getting married, Kiruthi felt the desire to contribute to telling great love stories and capturing couples’ wedding days. His self-titled website won him the Best Photography Blog Award at the Kenyan Blog Awards in 2014, and he was also a finalist at the 2014 Wedding Photographers Contest.

Kiruthi now regularly tours Kenya to hold workshops geared towards training upcoming wedding photographers. The featured photo on this page is one of Ben’s captured moments. He is definitely among the best African wedding photographers.

Ben Kiruthi- Wedding photographer


Mohamed Abu Samra

Mohamed Abu Samra is a Cairo-based photographer, and one of Egypt’s go-to photographers for fashion, commercial, and wedding photography services. He founded his own company, Abu Samra Photography, in 2009 as he excelled in his passion for photography. He has an ethereal and romantic style of capturing wedding photographs, as well as the ability to capture the essence of a couple’s love story.

Mohamed Abu Samra- wedding photographer

Jide Odukoya

Jide Odukoya is one of Nigeria’s popular wedding photographers, and the owner of JOP Studios. Not only does he do wedding photography, but he also includes street photography, events, documentary shoots, and shows in his portfolio of work. Odukoya’s work has been featured in numerous photo festivals across the world, as well as in publications such as the New York Times and The Guardian.

He has numerous awards under his belt, such as ‘Photography Blog of the Year’ by ‘Popular Vote’ from the 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards, and the award for “Carnet de Voyages” with the Invisible Borders Project in Biennale Benin, Benin in 2012.

Jide Odukoya- Wedding photographer

Gathoni Kinyanjui

Gathoni Kinyanjui is a Nairobi-based wedding photographer who does destination weddings, honeymoons, and contemporary family photography in East and Southern Africa. She holds an M.A. in photography. Kinyanjui’s style of capturing a couple’s big day is by celebrating their beautiful connection and telling their love story in a personal and meaningful way.

Gathoni Kinyanjui - wedding photographer

ZaraZoo photography

ZaraZoo Photography is a team of seven photographers and videographers based in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the past decade, the collective has photographed over 400 weddings, couples, and corporate events in places such as South Africa, UK, U.S., Greece, France, Thailand, and Switzerland.

They describe their style of photography as one that tells a story, and they are always looking for a moment that captures emotion and imagery. Some of the weddings they have photographed have even been featured on the popular lifestyle TV show, Top Billing in South Africa.

ZaraZoo- wedding photographer

Jay Pillay

Jay Pillay is a South African wedding photographer, and owner of Jay Pillay Photography. Besides being one of the go-to photographers in Johannesburg and Durban, Jay has also been trained under the expertise of Brett Florens, a popular photographer. His brand as an African wedding photographer is to capture the uniqueness of couples that he works with by telling their love story and putting their emotions into a frame.

Jay Pillay -wedding photographer

Atunbi Adesanmi

Atunbi Adesanmi is a Nigerian wedding photographer and founder of the company, The Atunbi Experience. The company was founded in 2007, and since then, Adesanmi has been one of the go-to wedding photographers in Lagos and the UK. He describes his style of photography as modern, artistic, and contemporary.

Atunbi Adesanmi- wedding photographer


Ammar El-Homossany

Ammar El-Homossany is one of Egypt’s most sought-after wedding photographers. The Cairo-based photographer started his career in photography in 2011. He shoots weddings, engagements, and lifestyle events. El-Homossany’s style of wedding photography is as ethereal as it is fun. He brings out the liveliness in couples, all while capturing romantic moments on their special day. Besides being a wedding photographer, El-Homossany is also media specialist that has done work in production and presenting.

Ammar El-Homossany- wedding photographer

Andrew Kamau

Kenya-based wedding photographer Andrew Kamau, is one of the most popular photographers in the East African country. Andrew is the director of Photoshots, and he describes his brand of photography as creative, trendy, and award-winning. His goal is to capture the raw emotion of a couple’s love story in order to create a tangible reminder of their special day. Kamau also does engagement photo shoots, and he even provides wedding advice on the Photoshots website- topics ranging from what to consider when picking out a venue, to what to expect after the wedding ceremony.

Andrew Kamau- wedding photographer

Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips is a South African photographer specializing in advertising, lifestyle, modeling, product, and wedding photography. Her work has been featured in publications such as Bridal Directory and Men’s Health. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria and has her own company called Studio F/64 Photography. Phillips is also well known for being a wedding photographer for popular fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee, who got married in 2014.

Nicole Phillips- wedding photographer

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