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Conakry Waits for Election Results

Vote counting is under way after Guinea’s high-stakes election in which the 82-year-old President Alpha Conde is seeking a controversial third term. Sunday’s vote follows months of political unrest, where

World’s Longest Study of Ebola Concludes

Immunity from the deadly Ebola virus could last years after the infection, the world’s longest study of survivors by British and Guinean scientists has concluded in findings that could have

Exposing Sudan’s Rogue Islamic Schools

A BBC News Arabic investigation has uncovered systemic child abuse and evidence of sexual abuse inside Islamic schools in Sudan. For 18 months, reporter Fateh Al-Rahman Al-Hamdani filmed inside 23

Hassel Free Travel for South Africans

Spending up to 14 days in isolation, often at the travellers own cost, can derail your travel plans. Luckily, many African countries have a favourable reciprocating agreement with South Africa

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