The Secret Is Out: African Fashion Is The Trend Of The Year

Africa greatly influences the fashion trends followed all across the world. That’s because it is the second-largest continent in the world and has over 54 countries. The fashion trends that originate from this continent are diverse and so vast that they significantly differ from coast to coast. 

African culture features everything from dashiki to Kaftans and contemporary African printed clothing. The majority of the trends followed in different parts of the world today are inspired by African culture. This continent also inspires people’s choices in food, music, language, and more. 

When it comes to the fashion industry, African women are the trendsetters. The major reason is the curvy bodies and the perfect figure of the women. When they sport something that accentuates their figure it becomes a trend. 

This culture features floral, bright colors, African and animal print fabrics. In a nutshell, African fashion is beautiful yet bold. In this article, we are going to discuss African fashion trends for 2021. 

Best African fashion trends of 2021:

Following are some of the best African fashion you can sport in 2021

1. Big sleeves for the win:

2021 fashion is all about creating a bold statement. You achieve your desired style with statement puffy sleeves and add more edge to a casual outfit. You can create an elegant girl, chic yet fun outfit by adding bell and trumpet-shaped sleeves to your blouses or dresses. This sophisticated fashion trend is a combination of native African fashion and 80’s inspired clothing.

Big sleeves are ideal for those to adorn who want to get noticed and become the center of attention wherever they go. Puffy sleeves are ideal for creating a loud and dramatic statement. You can experiment with this style in a variety of ways including the addition of large frills and ruffles to big sleeves. If you are going for a simple and feminine look, you should try adding bishop-style sleeves to your outfit. However, make sure to keep the rest of the outfit classic and minimal to get your sleeves the most attention. If the rest of your outfit is too extra, big sleeves will make it look overly fussy.

2. Show some skin with off the shoulder style:

One of the most popular trends of the 1980s is the off-the-shoulder trend. It has been adorned by some of the chicest black women. This fashion trend is for women who want to show off some skin without being too revealing. It goes with both blouses and dresses and helps your set a bold fashion statement. 

If you want to add more edge to your plain outfit, “Off the Shoulder” is the way to go. It is one of the fashion trends which are expected to stay in 2021. This style adds more elegance and glam to a plain outfit. 

Be it long dresses or tops, this creative yet versatile design adds more attractiveness and style to any outfit.

3. Side slits for that extra oomph:

Side slits are all the rage these days. If you want to add that extra oomph to your outfit, side slits are the way to go. This trend works for both dresses and skirts. It is ideal for the days when you want to reveal some extra skin.

Show off those lanky legs in a side slit. This stunning feature elongates your profiles and makes you appear taller than you are. Show the right amount of skin through the slit. Make sure it doesn’t start too high or low. Choose an appropriate length for the cut to show the right amount of leg. 

4. Go with the Kimono:

The kimono trends originate from Japan. However, it is also adopted by the African countries due to the hot and humid weather. This type of floaty, flowy, and cool outfits is worn by both tribal and modern African women. The most comfortable garment is used to design these outfits. Floral and abstract prints make these kimonos even prettier and striking.  

Kimonos are made using a variety of materials including satin, cotton, and silk. You can go from a traditional to a modern kimono by adjusting its length. You can transform the style however you like it. 

This fashion trend is ideal for both casual and formal wear. It all depends on the design. You can also choose to wear it as an extra layer of clothing over your outfit or as a dress. Do whatever suits your style.

5. The oversized trend:

Go for the oversized fit to create a style statement. From distressed boyfriend jeans to denim jackets, everything should be oversized. This fashion trend is often referred to as the baggy trend. It originated from the 80’s signature black hip-hop era. 

The lack of proper sizing can be attributed to the fact that most people used to wear clothes handed down to them by other family members. The main purpose was to save money. Most black hip-hop artists still wear regular street clothes when they perform. The reason is they want to resonate with their fans. Today, it is one of the latest fashion trends adorned by Hollywood stars and the public alike. 

How to find affordable African fashion clothes?

The unique nature of African clothing has made it popular across the world. Design patterns from Africa have even influenced American fashion industry. Considering it’s popularity, it might be hard to find some affordable fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe. However, various brands offer discount coupons and promo-codes to make your purchases more reasonable. Some of them also offer free shipping services to save you big on your next purchase. Update your wardrobe on a budget by using the right coupons and promo codes. 

African fashion 2021

A floral printed mini-dress for a casual day off 

Tribal fashion-inspired mini-dress for a day out with friends 

A mix of contemporary stripes and signature African prints 

Signature African prints in a refreshing blue color for those hot summer evenings 

A casual cotton oversized shirt dress paired with sneakers 

A solid black dress with a hint of tribal print for a bold statement 

A black culture inspired outfit worn at Peretla fashion. The perfect red carpet dress with the flow, ruffles, and bright color

The side view of the famous Perelta fashion dress.

Wrapping up! 

Black fashion has been in trend for ages now. The popularity of this fashion can be attributed to the perfect body shape of most black women. Everything looks good on the curvy black women. People from other cultures try to recreate the same look by wearing an outfit inspired by the black culture. 

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