Future Of Heartbreak Music

The Future Of Heartbreak Music

Fairytales II is heartbreak, in essence, a collection of “what if’s?” in a musical form, the 5 stages of grief without acceptance doubling down on depression told from one dimension. This collection musical fuses elements for multiple genres such as R&B, afro beats, pop even EDM in efforts to create a moody new wave sound.

It also explores the struggle of being the only person left in a decaying relationship. The peaks and valleys one has to go through, dealing with losing “the one” while questioning if there even is such a thing. In the end, it’s expressing the strength it takes to dig deep and breaking a self-built wall of doubt, anxiety and fear to move on. The lead single “have I failed you?.” is the heart of the collection, the one question that most people have when the cracks start to show and the fairytale is fading.

The video was intentionally orange and bright only has one protagonist as if to say “we were good, everything was peachy, what happened?”, continuing the one dimension theme showing one side of things because the collection is will always be one-sided. 

“My biggest critic is me so these songs are about the numbness I get with fighting with myself about profound decisions, I mean fighting a lot mentally but I guess it comes with being a creative. I’m grateful that I can show just a glimpse of my complicated life, relationships and the one, I have with myself, even though listening to that little voice gets tiring, it ultimately is the force that keeps driving me forward. Having written, engineered, produced, mixed, mastered & directed this collection its more personal the ever, to be there at the conception of an idea and seeing the final product and more so the reception makes this worth it”

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