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Standard Bank To Participate In The 3rd US-Africa Summit

Chief Executive Officer Sim Tshabalala Will Deliver Remarks at The Africa Business Forum, hosted by the White House

Standard Bank (OTCMKTS: SGBLY) will participate in the 3rd US-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C. from 13-15 December. The Summit will underscore the importance of U.S.-Africa relations and increased cooperation on shared global priorities.

Standard Bank participated in previous iterations of the Summit in 2014 and 2016 under the administration of U.S. President Obama. The Bank’s attendance will aim to foster new economic engagement between the US and Africa and, importantly, work collaboratively to strengthen regional and global trade with a focus on investment in the infrastructure, energy, health and agricultural sectors.

Amongst engagements with country-specific delegations attending the summit, Chief Executive Officer Sim Tshabalala will also represent the bank at the African Business Forum, hosted by the   White House on December 14. Joined onstage by long-time partner GE Healthcare, Mr. Tshabalala will detail a joint plan for greater healthcare accessibility across the continent.

In addition, Standard Bank will host a breakfast in Washington, DC in support of The African Women’s Impact Fund Initiative (AWIF). The AWIF Initiative’s primary purpose is to overcome systemic barriers and investor biases by enabling and promoting women-owned and women-led funds in Africa, and ultimately empowering women financial leaders to drive growth on the Continent.

The breakfast will be hosted by Lindeka Dzedze, Standard Bank, Global Markets, Head: Strategic Partnerships and Chairperson of AWIF Initiative Executive Committee, and Dr. Vera Songwe, Chairwoman of the board, Liquidity and Sustainability Facility (LSF). Dr. Songwe is a founder of the AWIF.

Additional information on Standard Bank and GE Healthcare’s initiative will be available to media on December 14. For more information on the AWIF, please visit:

For more information on Standard Bank, please visit:

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