Liberia: Ambassador Yin Chengwu Meets with Director General of Civil Service Agency Josiah Joekai and Director General of General Service Agency Galakpai Kortimai

On May 22th, Yin Chengwu, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, met with Hon. Josiah Joekai, Director General of the Civil Service Agency and Hon. Galakpai Kortimai, Director General of the General Service Agency of Liberia. The two sides exchanged views on China-Liberia relations and government administration.

Ambassador Yin briefed China-Liberia relations and praised the efforts of the Civil Service Agency and the General Service Agency in improving the efficiency of government administration and safeguarding government assets. Yin also expressed his willingness to work with them to promote the development of China-Liberia relations.

Joekai and Kortimai thanked China for its long-term contribution for Liberia’s development, and hoped to deepen exchanges and cooperation with China to improve the level of government administration.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Liberia.

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