Eritrea: President Isaias visited production facilities and research centers

President Isaias Afwerki and his delegation that is on working visit to Italy visited production facilities and research center in various part of Italy on 4 and 5 February.

During their visit to the cities of Perugia and Norcia in the Umbria region, the delegation explored Gruppo Grifo Agroalimentare, a company specializing in dairy products, and L’Artigiano dei Salumi Salvatori, renowned for its pork meat processing. The tour highlighted Italy’s advanced agro-industrial capabilities and provided insights into sustainable food production practices.

Further enriching their visit, President Isaias and his delegation toured the Umbria Agro-food Technology Park. This institution is at the forefront of enhancing agricultural output through technological innovation, with a focus on biodiversity conservation, agro-food systems, agro-chemistry, and plant tissue culture. The delegation received comprehensive briefings on the park’s significant contributions to agriculture and its forward-looking initiatives.

Emphasizing the importance of collaboration, President Isaias advocated for in-depth consultations between the institution’s experts and their Eritrean counterparts to foster greater understanding and cooperation.

In addition to these visits, the delegation took an interest in the ceramics industry, observing the sophisticated technology in use at a local factory.

On February 4th, the delegation also visited the Basilica in Assisi, a city that attracts millions of tourists annually, underscoring the cultural and historical dimensions of their visit to Italy.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.

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