Eritrea: Call for integrated soil and water conservation activity

In a significant move to enhance agricultural output, Ambassador Abdella Musa, the Governor of Anseba Region, has underscored the necessity for a cohesive approach towards soil and water conservation. This call to action was made during his evaluation tour of the development initiatives within the Glas administrative area and the Hagaz semi-urban center. The visit also included fruitful dialogues with agricultural specialists, partners, and the inhabitants of Hagaz semi-urban center.

Highlighting the critical role of food security for both humans and animals, Ambassador Abdella urged the community to amplify their efforts in this direction. Moreover, he provided a comprehensive overview of the planned developmental activities for the year 2024.

The meeting engaged in thorough discussions on various topics brought up during the meeting and adopted various recommendations including the introduction of the Harat transportation service to different administrative zones within the sub-zone, and the completion of the potable drinking water project in the Shitel administrative area, among other initiatives.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.

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