Why You Need To Start Saving All Your Important Memories, Documents, Pictures And Videos To The Cloud Right Now

Our mobile devices have become our portal to the digital world. Whether it’s taking photographs with friends and family, recording videos of what will become treasured memories, or simply writing down important thoughts, everything is saved on our trusty sidekicks. But have you considered what would happen to these digital stories if your device were to get lost?

This is where a service like HUAWEI Mobile Cloud becomes a life saver. Simply put, the cloud is here to stay and it is an invaluable resource in helping you protect your most cherished memories. Using this freely available app, you can store everything in the cloud and keep your treasured photos, videos, documents and other files safe. Not only is this a safeguard against loss, but it also makes importing data to a new device as easy as logging into the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud storage service.

Even better, when using HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can automatically synchronise your content across all your devices. By using your HUAWEI ID on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you instantly gain access to everything, anytime, anywhere.

Of course, cloud storage extends beyond just your digital memories. With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can easily back up third-party app data. This means the data from all your favourite apps are saved in the cloud as well. Whether it is your CV, confidential documents or social media logins – the list is virtually endless to ensure that all of these documents are uploaded for fast retrieval whenever and wherever.

Huawei is even throwing in 5G of cloud storage for free. You heard right! You get enough space for the equivalent of 2 500 high-definition photographs or 50 000 documents just by downloading the HUAWEI Mobile app and creating a HUAWEI ID.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud also has a very handy location tracking feature, so you can quickly locate your devices by just logging into the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud app. You can activate your ringtone to find your phone in the house or even erase all the data on your mobile remotely if it should ever fall into the wrong hands.

If you need more convincing, Huawei is currently running two exciting campaigns around the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud service. Pay with Ozow on Huawei and you could win a R1500 Takealot voucher, for more information click here.

In the HUAWEI Cloud ‘Pocket Your Treasure’ campaign, you can stand the chance to win 1 (one) of 10 (ten) Huawei prizes. All you need to do to enter is subscribe to a 50GB monthly plan at the 50% discounted rate of R7.50 and you can potentially win one of two HUAWEI MateBook Pro Laptops, one of five HUAWEI GT3 Watches, or one of three HUAWEI nova 8i smartphones. T’s and C’s apply.

Embrace HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and have peace of mind that your digital memories and documents will be kept safe and secure no matter what comes your way.

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