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Bongiwe Tutu is a driven author, inspired by universal growth and progress. She holds a Postgraduate in Politics and International Studies from Rhodes University and an Honours degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Wits University. Tutu has delegated as a speaker in the Model United Nations South African Universities (MUNSAU) debating. She has obtained skills training from the Future Journalists Programme, a Highway Africa Initiative, and has also held office as the Media and Communications Officer of the Young Women’s Dialogue, an initiative of the PAN African Youth Dialogue. Bongiwe is interested in storytelling, depicted visually through moving pictures, the spoken and the written word. She is a skilled video content producer, scriptwriter and an author of fiction and futurism. She is also a skilled fitness and health instructor and a steady marathon runner.
Addis Ababa

Real Life in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In the heart of Ethiopia is the most historically successful city for African unity, human consciousness and development - Addis Ababa. During the rule of...

10 Most Popular African Coffee Brands

African coffee culture has recently been brewing up a storm. A heightened growth in strong, domestic consumer markets have been seen, as well as...
african literature

Quiet Time: Authors To Add To Your African Reading List

African literature has existed in the realms of African storytellers for several centuries. With the kind distortion brought by globalisation, there also came with...
africa day

10 Things to Know About Africa Day

Celebrations on May 25th, crowned as Africa Day, recite the annual commemorations of Africa’s independence, freedom and liberation strife from colonial imperialists.  The reinforcement...

Game-Changers: How Africa is Transitioning into Financial Technology

The digital world is growing exponentially across the continentThe rapid urbanisation, technological and economic growth seen in Africa is exceedingly going digital, opening up...

Closing the Digital Divide: An Interview with Frank McCosker of Microsoft

Technology has been one of the most fastest-growing sectors around the globe with the development of new and innovative ways to access, communicate and...

Rwanda – 23 Years Later

April 1994 bears the memory of the regrettable genocide witnessed by the global community, from the small African country of Rwanda. The genocide saw the...
gag rule

What The Global Gag Rule Means For African Women

The beginning of this year saw the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, also known as the ‘Mexico City policy,’ which will draw extensive...
decolonising africa

Decolonising Africa – Securing The Base

Africa has undergone a significant stride of structural changes that have influenced the mind-sets and convictions of the African people.  From the guise of bringing...

Characteristics Of A High Performing Workforce

Africa has a long history of a divided and beleaguered workforce, from slavery, to colonialism and apartheid; systems that have governed the continent’s nations...
investment opportunities in Africa

4 Investment Opportunities in Africa

What are the investment opportunities in Africa? Over the past decades, Africa has explored great depths for its rise in economic growth and investment...
The Gambia Independence Day

5 Things To Know About The Gambia Independence Day

The Gambia, officially the Republic of the Gambia, is the smallest country in Africa.  Situated in West Africa, the Gambia is almost entirely surrounded...

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