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Bombino, the First Nigerian Musician Nominated for a Grammy


In this far-reaching interview with Okayafrica, Bombino explains his musical influences and reflects on his recent nomination for a Grammy, the first for a Nigerian artist.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

10 Badass African Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

10 African Influencers

If African travel is in your future, you need to start following these African women, who are living the life and sharing the ins and outs of all the places you want to be on the continent.

SOURCES: Essence

How Theatre Helps to Explore a City’s Identity

Alex Halligey

As part of a PhD research project, researcher Alex Halligey experimented with the making of a play and how it demonstrates key aspects of Johannesburg’s culture.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

Creating Uganda’s Popular Cartoon Character

Richard Musinguzi

Meet Richard Musinguzi, the Ugandan animator behind the immensely popular Katoto cartoon.


Lionheart’ Review: Netflix Goes to Nollywood


For Netflix’ first foray into African-produced content, check out ‘Lionheart,’ a film directed by and starring one of Nollywood’s top talents, Genevieve Nnaji.

SOURCES: New York Times

Classic Cruise Destinations in Africa

Cruise Destinations in Africa

Cruises in Africa cover a wide gamut, from voyages along the Suez Canal to wildlife spotting on the Chobe River and conventional cruising out of South Africa. But for ancient-history buffs, a cruise along Egypt’s Nile River is an absolute-must, bucket-list item.
SOURCES: Lonely Planet

Relaxing in Tanzania


Tanzania is home to a wealth of extravagant resorts and hotels that are ready to pamper you with spa treatments, wellness sessions and a gorgeous atmosphere to unwind in.


The Other Side of the Nile

Nile in Ethiopia

If one needs to be transported to biblical times, the time machine to do so resides on the banks of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. This ancient land of many cultures and religions has resisted modernity, leaving many of its traditions intact, as I witnessed traveling through the historic Christian circuit of Ethiopia.

SOURCES: Forbes Africa

Plan Your Trip to Botswana

Trip to Botswana

Botswana has some of the most exclusive attractions on the continent. The country’s tourism industry has placed a special focus on enhancing the experience of travelers, as opposed to attempting to make it appeal to mass tourism. Some areas are so inaccessible that they can only be reached by small plane or with an experienced guide.


Making Intra- Africa Travel for Africans Easier

Intra- Africa Travel

The African Union Commission Chairperson will reveal the specific details on the production and issuance of the African passport, which will aid the free movement of Africans across the continent. The announcement will happen at the annual AU Summit held in February.

SOURCES: eTurbo News

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