Upcoming U.S. State Visit, A Perfect Backdrop For Spreading Good News On Kenya And Africa

By Maxwell Okello, CEO, American Chamber of Commerce, Kenya (AmCham Kenya)

The recent fourth edition of the American Chamber of Commerce Kenya (AmCham) Business Summit provided a timely backdrop as Kenya’s President William Ruto gears up for his upcoming State Visit to the United States on May 23, 2024. Scheduled amidst a significant absence of African leaders’ official state visits to the U.S. since 2008, President Ruto’s visit holds pivotal importance not only for the U.S.-Kenya bilateral relationship but also for broader Africa – U.S. relations. 

Against this setting, the AmCham Business Summit served not only to highlight a diverse array of trade and investment opportunities in Kenya and East Africa but also to underscore the crucial need to nurture and fortify the mutually beneficial trade and investment ties between the two nations. The Summit received attention both locally and internationally and left a deep sense of optimism and promise, highlighting the potential for fostering economic growth and cooperation.

In her keynote address at the Summit, Hon. Gina M. Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, echoed a significant shift in the narrative surrounding Africa, emphasizing the continent’s potential and opportunities. Her remarks not only underscored the evolving positive perception of Africa but also signalled tangible steps forward in realizing these opportunities through private sector deals and support for critical projects in Kenya.

As a Kenyan or African listening in to foreigners highlighting the opportunities in our country and continent, it becomes evident that the narrative we project holds significant sway over how we are perceived globally. Now is the time for us to seize this moment to shape a narrative and a future that reflects the true essence of our potential. 

President Ruto captured this sentiment succinctly during a fireside chat with Hon. Raimondo and Amb. Meg Whitman at the Summit, with his statement, “For a very long time, the narrative of our continent was about trouble, war, conflict, disease and poverty. And therefore, as leaders in this continent, we made a deliberate decision that though we bear the brunt of climate change, it was time to reposition this continent as a continent of tremendous potential and investment opportunity.”

It is in forums where global stakeholders convene to explore business prospects, where our shared narratives become a pivotal tool in attracting investments and fostering partnerships, both locally and globally.

The recent AmCham Business Summit drew approximately 1300 delegates including government representatives, regional leaders, investors, business executives and prominent organizations. Their collective aim? To unearth business opportunities within Kenya and, the region and wider Africa. While also acknowledging the challenges facing the region, it’s imperative to recognize that these hurdles present precisely the sort of opportunities that investors and partners seek to address. 

Throughout the discussions and engagements at the Summit, there was a clear consensus on Kenya’s leadership and dedication to the progress of various sectors in the continent. Such affirmations, coming not only from local officials but also resonating with international leaders and business figures, underscores the growing recognition of Kenya’s potential on the global stage. 

However, it’s essential to maintain an optimistic yet realistic tone as we navigate through these opportunities and challenges.

The significance of fostering a positive narrative becomes even more apparent when we reflect on some of the outcomes from the summit. For instance, the United States and Kenya committed to boosting the digital economy, fostering innovation, and advancing digital trade and investment. They also agreed to collaborate on AI initiatives, digital upskilling, and promoting digital literacy. The U.S. and Kenya Government also agreed to address data privacy concerns and explore AI applications in key sectors, amongst other commitments.

It is also essential to acknowledge that while Kenya grapples with systemic challenges such as corruption and governance issues, these hurdles do not overshadow the abundance of prospects at hand. As ably illustrated by the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, there exists a tangible optimism regarding Kenya’s potential for growth and transformation. It feels good. Period.

Looking ahead, President William Ruto’s upcoming visit to the United States carries immense significance. President Ruto could further elevate not only Kenya’s profile, but Africa’s, on the global stage. By clearly signalling the country’s commitment to embracing critical business climate reforms, the President will effectively position Kenya as a key player in Africa and an attractive destination for U.S. investment. Investment that will foster development and economic prosperity, 

We all love a good story. And in a world driven by evolving perceptions and narratives, Kenya and the region at large must assert its agency in shaping a narrative that reflects its immense potential and promising future. These positive stories need to be shared much further than they have been in the past. And it starts with this important State Visit. 

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