Uber Announces Expansions And New Products In East Africa

Uber has today announced new products, updates, and features focused on travel, safety and delivery in East Africa.

Uber has announced its expansion into four new cities in Kenya; Eldoret, Nakuru, Naivasha and Kisumu. This makes Uber available in eight cities across East Africa, which means more drivers have access to earning opportunities and more riders an affordable, convenient, and reliable travel solution throughout the region, at the tap of a button. 

Commitment to safety

As ridesharing becomes a way of life for more people, Uber never stops raising the bar on safety and is rolling out a new safety feature, Safety Check Up. 

Based on research, most riders seem to be unaware of the safety features available to them which contribute to a lack of confidence in the safety of the app. As a result, Uber is launching Safety Check-up in East Africa which will encourage riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilising the available features such as Trusted Contacts, PIN verification and RideCheck.

“We are committed to being a leading safety innovator, using new technology to improve safety standards for all our users. We continue to innovate to find new ways to promote safety, such as our GPS tracking and location sharing features, and our one-stop in-app safety centre with emergency assistance button, to name just a few,” says Imran Manji, Head of East Africa, Uber

New product innovations

Travelling across the city with an entire crew has never been easier, with the launch of UberXL in Nairobi, Kenya. This option provides seating for up to 6 people and extra luggage and is great for airport trips and even for groups who are making a business trip. 

Manji explains: “We are committed to East Africa, which is a key contributor to the growth of our business in Sub-Saharan Africa. At Uber, we’re passionate about helping people travel and discover their city with ease and helping drivers increase earning opportunities. 

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