Top Employers To Work For In South Africa

Finding a good job is tough to come by in South Africa. The current unemployment rate stands at a staggering 34.9%. Fortunately, there is still some hope for those looking for jobs in the country. In this article, we take a look at the top employers to work for in South Africa.

The companies listed below are all well sought out companies in Africa. Looking at learnerships, internship or graduate programmes offered by these companies can be a great opportunity to work and learn from an established organization. Furthermore, these companies are known for their pristine reputations. 


Discovery is one of the largest medical-aid providers in South Africa.  In addition, the work environment at the company is often referred to as fast-paced. Employees can enjoy the many perks of the company. This includes excellent leadership, mentorship, and innovation.


Outsurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the country. The company focuses a lot on personal development and growth. Furthermore, employees have the opportunity to grow and apply for senior roles. This is done by creating developmental programs that assist in employee growth.


Vodacom is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country. They are known for their friendly working environment. Employees can enjoy benefits such as a daily food allowance. Furthermore, Vodacom also offers employees a lot of opportunities to grow.

Unilever South Africa

Unilever is a globally recognized brand. They are known for their spectacular health and well-being products. Employees can enjoy working for a growth committed company.  As a result, Unilever helps its employees further their careers.

Nestlé South Africa

Nestlé is another globally renowned company. The company is known for providing endless growth opportunities. Furthermore, Nestlé is completely transparent with its employees. Employees can enjoy great benefits with a good work/ life balance.

DHL Supply Chain

DHL assists its employees in growth and developmental opportunities. Furthermore, employees can enjoy working flexible hours.  Lastly, DHL is a very people oriented company.  

Shoprite Group

The Shoprite Group is the largest private sector employer in South Africa. Shoprite prides itself on the training it provides to particularly young South Africans. For example, they were the first South African retailer accredited as a training office with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. The Shoprite bursary programme also provides great opportunities for those looking at a career within the retail sector. 


Sasol is one of the top employers to work for in South Africa. They offer employee benefits such as medical aid and pension funds. Furthermore, the company takes great care of its people. They are all about creating a family-like culture.

What makes a top employer?

Employers need to meet certain standards in order to be the best. Likewise, they need to focus on aspects beyond just profits. Employers need to create a functional and driven working environment for employees. Furthermore, they need to be passionate about staff growth.

Top employers to work for in South Africa focus on the following:

Company Culture

Company culture is vital to help any company thrive. Creating a positive environment will enable staff to perform better. Additionally, company culture sets the standard and tone of the company. Top employers make it their mission to create an optimistic culture.

Great leadership

Every company needs great leadership to progress. Leaders not only inspire employees to perform well but also help sustain companies. Furthermore, great leadership is an important and fundamental aspect of any business.

Growth and development of employees

Every top employer focuses on developing its people. This serves as a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Additionally, companies benefit from investing in and developing their employees. Usually, this is done by searching for talent within the company.

Relevant HR practices

Every top employer ensures that its HR practices are relevant to the business. In addition, these practices are also valuable to employees. For example, HR needs to strategize performance and expectations. As a result, this gives employees a clear understanding of what is expected from them.

Creating targets and goals

Creating targets and goals for individuals helps drive them to perform. As previously mentioned, employees know what is expected of them. Therefore they will focus on meeting the targets set for them.

Excellent communication

Excellent communication is the key to running a successful venture. Likewise, effectively communicating helps both the employer and the employee. Having meaningful conversations uplift and motivate staff to do their best.

Incentivize staff

It’s safe to say that everyone likes to be recognized for good work. Top employers to work for in South Africa often incentivize their employees. This can be done through cash incentives or even prizes.

The bottom line

There are a number of top employers to work for in South Africa. These companies are all listed as the best because they focus on their staff. Furthermore, working for a top employer allows individuals to grow. As a result, the employer and employee can both benefit from this. Many of these large corporations also offer social and training initiatives to help the younger generation get into the world of work. Just as an example, the consultancy company, McKinsey & Company, have the Young Leadership Programme to encourage young entrepreneurial candidates across Africa to join the business. 

Remember it can often help in the long-term to read up and find out about any company’s culture before accepting a job.