South Africa Freedom Day 2023

The 27th of April this year marks the 29th anniversary of South Africa’s first democratic elections. This day now known as Freedom Day is commemorated every year to honour those unsung heroes and heroines who fought for our freedom and paved the way for an equal, representative, non-racial nation. During the month, we also reflect on the progress made over our democratic journey thus far and consider how we can further strengthen our democracy.

The objective of this year’s National Freedom Month celebrations are to increase an understanding of our history and development in democracy as well as celebrate South Africa’s struggle icons. This year we also commemorate the 27th anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution as the supreme law of our country. Follow the conversation on social media platforms #FreedomMonth2023 #FreedomDay2023

This year South Africa celebrate Freedom Month under the theme: “Consolidating and Safeguarding Democratic Gains”. On 27 April 2023, President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the Freedom Day commemoration, in the North West Province in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.

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