Revolutionising The Future Of East Africa Construction Industry

The Kenya Vision 2030 aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.
President Uhuru Kenyatta declared about his visions to dedicate resources for the betterment of the “Big Four”, sectors, during the next five years. These sectors marking the Big Four, include manufacturing, healthcare, food security and affordable housing. On the housing front, as aimed by the government, the plan is to have at least 500,000 affordable homes in all major cities by 2022, which in turn will also create employment for 350,000 people. Thus the region is set on a journey, witnessing remarkable development and robust expansion.

Understanding the need of the hour and to provide a solution for the region to be updated with global standard in terms of technology and resources, Saifee Events will be organizing the most crucial event of the year – East Africa Digital Construction 2018.

“In my opinion, the construction sector in East Africa will grow mainly by two factors, firstly because the huge deficit in infrastructure – including rail, roads and ports – make absolutely necessary the public investments in such projects, and secondly because of the rapid growth in population, which has led to a rising demand for housing in most parts of the EA. These factors meet with the growth of construction in Kenya since Infrastructure development is a central pillar of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and also two of President´s Big four Agenda (Manufacturing and Affordable housing) are directly related with the construction industry.” – mentioned Rui Machado, CEO – Anguloraso, Kenya

Industry leaders are expecting development and progress effecting not only the country but the entire region and is optimistic about a technologically advanced and updated future for the construction industry. Nashon Okowa, Chairman – Association of Construction Managers of Kenya (ACMK), hopes that “In the next 5 years, if we maintain the same growth progress, we should be able to have adopted proper project management systems that ensure projects are delivered within set time, cost, quality and scope. Also I posit there will more use of technology in the industry to help project delivery.”

Taking place in Nairobi on the 14-15th of November 2018, this conference aims to gather industry peers to brainstorm growing trends and opportunities that promises to revolutionise the future of this industry.

“Harnessing emerging technologies and building a digital capability can help take Construction Project delivery and operations to new frontiers of efficiency and control to foster market-leading performance. I believe over the next couple of years, the construction industry players will start leveraging on the power of digital technology to further improve the delivery of their projects,” mentioned Rajiv Sharma, Infrastructure and Capital Projects (ICP) Regional Capital Projects Lead at Deloitte East Africa, Kenya. Rajiv, will be presenting on the Finance Perspective, discussing on Capital Projects in a Digital Age at the conference.

Birsat Soloman, Head of Digital Engineering at Atkins will elaborate on Digital Disruption in the Construction Industry. According to him “The rate of technology adoption in Africa, will surpass that of more developed nations. As we move into cloud based solutions and the rapid spread of mobile technology, the need for expensive physical infrastructure is no longer a pre-requisite for growth. We’ve already seen this in action through ‘leapfrogging’ technology, in various sectors like finance, where the use of mobile money ‘M-Pesa’ is now considered a norm. The construction industry, will be no different and It’s exciting times as we move into the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’

The conference will witness global case-studies, relevant panel discussions and exclusive speaker presentations from c-level professionals from BIM Institute, DMI, Kenya Green Building Society, Konza Technopolis, SMEC, Aurecon, Cytonn Real Estate Ltd, Planning Systems Services Ltd, ACMK, AAK, KPDA, CMF, Lexicon + ion, Oracle Construction and Engineering (Digital Transformation Partner), HP Inc. (AEC Workstation Partner), GRAPHISOFT and its official distributor, Elite Digital Solutions (Gold Sponsor), Prokon Build, Jos’Hansen and Lieca (Silver Sponsors) and many more.

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