Preparing The Next Generation Of Nurse Leaders: Africa Health 2023 Spotlights The Evolving Role Of Nursing

Africa Health 2023 will host the esteemed 11th Nursing Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in October.

Under the theme “Our Nurses, Our Future: Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders,” the event will delve into the evolving role of nurses in healthcare delivery, a critical topic for South Africa’s health sector. It forms part of a three-day event which sees healthcare professionals and decision-makers from across Africa gather in Johannesburg.

“Nurses constitute an indispensable cadre of health service providers whose impact on essential health services is irrefutable. Yet, the healthcare system grapples with the challenge of a shortage of nurses.

“In Africa we’ve acknowledged the need to scale up our education programmes so that more nurses can enter the health system, while, equally, recognising the need for better systemic support for our nurses, and more sustainable working conditions. The conference will address these issues, focusing on empowering future generations with the right education, professional development, and leadership training,” says Dr Bandile Hadebe, spokesperson for the organisers of the event.

The programme will feature key topics such as nursing education; leadership opportunities; nursing advocacy; and the intersection of nursing, healthcare delivery and technological innovations. It will also spotlight the implications of various policies on the future of the nursing profession in South Africa.

Conference Chair, Dr Sharon Vasuthevan, Education Executive at Life Healthcare Johannesburg, together with other esteemed members of the scientific committee, will guide these discussions, which promise to bring a high level of nuance and insight into contemporary nursing’s most critical issues. Attendees will include Heads of Nursing, Nurse Managers, Nurses, and Nurse Educators.

“Africa Health 2023 is proud to host an event that highlights the role of nurses in shaping the future of healthcare in South Africa. Nurses are pivotal to the healthcare system and are being recognised increasingly for their ability to adapt to technological changes, make complex clinical decisions, and drive the healthcare industry forward,” says Hadebe.

“This year’s Nursing Conference will not only address the need for greater support for nurses in South Africa but will also celebrate the profession’s strides in gender inclusivity and its critical role in advancing the healthcare sector.

“The conference will offer a platform to learn about the way forward for nursing education and professional development, identify key policy developments and updates around the nursing profession in South Africa, and gain insights into key opportunities for future nurses and the evolution of the profession,” he adds.

The conference is part of the broader Africa Health 2023 event, running from 17-19 October at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg. The event aims to bridge the gap in medical knowledge by providing the latest insights into cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and skills.

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